Exclusive Upcoming Events


Check out these future events that are so exclusive, so underground, so secret, and so probably non-existent that only Peak Humour is willing to let you in on them.

By Brad McLeod

FILM SCREENING (SUR 2980 May 17th 7:30pm)

Surrey Campus will be holding a special double feature with an advanced playing of Adam Sandler and co.’s “Grown Ups 2” followed by never-before seen government footage of the JFK assassination. Questions will be answered. Like, what happened to our favorite gang of old friends since we last saw them? And, is that Nick Swardson? But first, sit through another adventure from the ‘Grown Ups’ crew!

BOOK READING (AQ 3181, June 10th, 10:30am-11:20pm)

Acclaimed professor Tom Brown will be reading selections from the great Neil Postman’s 1999 book Building a Bridge to the 18th Century: How the Past Can Improve Our Future! During the reading Brown will provide insights and will be taking all your questions at the end. This is definitely not to be missed, or at least that’s what the Syllab… I mean, that’s what the buzz around campus is… Okay, this is just my communications class, but I’m sure you could hang out if you wanted to.

BULL RUNNING (Academic Quadrangle, July 19th, 12:20pm)

The little known, SFU Young Matador’s club, is planning to hold the school’s first ever ‘Running of the bulls’ just after noon on July 19th in the AQ. The group is welcoming all students and faculty to come out and view the event and also invites anyone with a class at that time to run for their fucking life.