SPOOF: Things that were definitely shot at SFU

I guess we know where our tuition is going . . .

PHOTO: Gudrun Wai-Gunnarsson / The Peak

By: Natalie Cooke, News Writer

The Maze Runner (2014)

SFU News claims SFU Burnaby campus was created with a “strikingly futuristic design,” but we would all be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit the architecture was simply built to profit off dystopian movies. The Maze Runner depicts a group of teenagers trying to escape SFU’s concrete maze. Trust me, we’ve all been there. What many don’t know is that the film was secretly shot in the SFU Quadrangle!!!!!!

What’s more: SFU recently introduced mandatory courses in dystopian architecture and dystopian film studies for students across all faculties. You heard that right: another roadblock to graduation. Stop trying to make 2014 happen again, SFU. Meanwhile, students keep emptying their pockets so SFU can try to keep profiting off a long-dead industry. SFU could at least try harder to disguise their purpose, since their mission statement isn’t cutting it. 

Guardians of the Galaxy (2017)

Here we go again with another cover-up: the Trottier Observatory. Who said the set was CGI?! It is obviously SFU. While seemingly meant for scientific education, this was used as the inside of the Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship. 

On top of this, SFU even used one of our raccoons for the movie! There were many to choose from, of course, which is why the raccoons had to audition for the role! We’re already invading the space of these raccoons, then THEY have to audition for our movie?! SFU needs to get its priorities straight! One of the raccoons allegedly quit halfway through filming the second movie because they said they were not being given enough snacks during their breaks. Paw-sitively awful!

Normally, the raccoons like to walk down towards the residence buildings, and quickly snatch-up the UberEats placed outside the entrances of the buildings, just before the student picks it up. Yet, Joy Johnson strictly banned raccoons from leaving the site to grab food, and they were forced to eat a “healthy” diet. Why do you think Rocket Raccoon is always so grumpy in the movie? It’s called being hangry

Music Video: “I’m a Believer” by Smash Mouth

In 2022, a legendary band took the SFU stage: Nickelback appeared in the Convocation Mall to perform and shoot their music video for “San Quentin.” But not many know that an even more legendary band shot a music video at the same spot two decades ago. That’s right, Smash Mouth’s magnum opus, “I’m a Believer,” once echoed through the halls of the AQ.

Former SFU President Emeritus, Andrew Petter, was a big fan of the band and the Shrek Saga, and promised that if he allowed Smash Mouth to perform on campus for free, he would have the opportunity to tour with them. Unfortunately, that never happened. Poor Petter. If it helps, The Peak thinks you’re an “All Star.” 

Any Given Sunday (1999) 

Aside from SFUs underwhelming architecture, the university also has an underwhelming football team. A 0–31 loss against Western Washington University inspired Stone to film at SFU. Should we thank the losing football team for giving us this opportunity . . . just to fail? 

SFU received an offer from Oliver Stone, an American film-maker, to film Any Given Sunday on SFU’s football field. Stone specifically said he was stunned at the SFU football teams’ poor performance in 1997, and felt the movie about a losing team should be filmed at the home field of a team that does not bring home many wins. 

Regardless, the movie won three awards in 2000: the ALMA Award, the Blockbuster Entertainment Award, and the BMI Film Music Award. Talk about bringing home some kind of winnings! Let’s go SFU! 

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