Senate Report: February 1, 2021

The Senate discussed changes to the P/CR/NC grading system, reconciliation efforts, and 2020 Annual Report for Graduate Studies

Photo from Peak archives

by Karissa Ketter, News Writer

Updates to the P/CR/NC grading scheme

Last Senate meeting, the pilot of P/CR/NC grading scheme was approved for undergraduate elective courses. After feedback from the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies (SCUS) and Faculty Undergraduate Curriculum Committees (UCC), senator Parkhouse noted that “edits are being made” to the grading scheme. According to Parkhouse, the updated pilot system was sent back to SCUS for approval that week. 

Parkhouse commented that they are currently working with a newly appointed project lead, SFU’s IT department, faculties and registrar office, to create a more detailed implementation plan for P/CR/NC. This is an addition to a communication plan that will include website resources and training for faculty and staff to aid in a smoother integration for the new grading system. 

Parkhouse also noted that the “intention is to relax the documentation requirements” for withdrawals under extenuating circumstances for COVID-19 related reasons. 


SFU reconciliation with local Nations

SFU President and Senate Chair Joy Johnson provided an update on her commitment to SFU reconciliation. “I continue to meet with external Indigenous councils and Chiefs on whose territories SFU campuses reside,” said Johnson. 

Johnson commented on her most recent meeting with “Chief Wayne Sparrow of the Musqueam Nnation, as well as representatives of the Kwantlen First Nations, to discuss pathways to reconciliation and ways that we might partner with their communities.”

“I’m really pleased to see those productive discussions moving forward,” said Johnson.


2020 Annual Report of Senate Graduate Studies Committee (SGSC)

SGSC has finalized their 2020 annual report and Senator Derkson provided some key findings. 

“I would like to highlight the increase in number of applications that SFU has been receiving at the graduate level, steadily over the number of years.”

He also noted that this report found there to be a “small drop in acceptances” for graduate studies programs. Derkson credits this as an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic strain on students.