Songs to lay on the grass to

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By: Kim Regala, Peak Associate

There’s nothing I love more than lying down on some freshly cut grass, eyes closed with a gentle wind blowing past my sun-kissed skin. With social distancing, and the warmer season upon us, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of a good ol’ outdoor afternoon nap. Whether it’s soaking up the sun at a park, your backyard, or falling asleep on some random patch of grass, here are some tunes for winding down on a warm and breezy day.

“Under the Sun” by Ditty

Courtesy of Pagal Haina.

Being a musician is already cool on its own, but Aditi Veena (aka Ditty) takes it to the next level by also being an urban ecologist. Having spent years in Sri Lanka as a conservation architect, Ditty’s passion for the environment manifests in her own music. As a singer-songwriter, she takes inspiration from the sounds of nature and creates what I can only describe as poetry through sound. Fittingly, her album is titled Poetry Ceylon, and each track embodies an earthy tone. Every song is definitely worth checking out, but “Under the Sun” in particular is a full body experience. Listening to it is like being transported into the middle of the forest — the smell of soil and cedar trees filling your senses. At first, only the light strumming of an acoustic guitar accompanies Ditty’s voice, but it’s enough to feel like a breath of fresh air. Just when you think that it can’t get any better, the sounds of birds enter halfway through and linger on in the background. The final minute of the song ends with only the sound of nature, leaving us in a meditative state of calm.

“I Don’t Mind” by Twerps

Courtesy of Merge Records.

Don’t be fooled by the album title, Range Anxiety, because this song is far from making you feel anxious. Twerps is made up of four Australian musicians who have been making noisy pop and indie-alternative music for over a decade now. Over the years, they’ve dabbled in various styles and genres, but one thing that has never changed are the warm melodies they create through their combination of cool strumming and drumming patterns. “I Don’t Mind” starts off slow with a single guitar played at a steady tempo. Gradually, the bass and drums kick in, with a few other guitar riffs added here and there. While the layering of all these rhythms make for colourful listening, it’s Martin Frawley’s vocals that really set the mood of this song. He sings as if he has just awoken from a long napping session — the words coming out of his mouth in a groggy and effortless way. Even as the tempo quickens, his delivery will leave you staring blankly at the clouds and the trees up above. And trust me, based on personal experience, you won’t ever want to leave.

“These Days” by Nico

Courtesy of UMG Recordings, Inc.

The first time I heard this song was in Wes Anderson’s film The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s the scene when Margot and Richie — two siblings who share a forbidden love — meet again for the first time after years of having been apart. Set aside the awkward incestuous narrative (it’s a cute love story, I swear), and you’ve got this sweet slow-motion moment between them, as Nico’s “These Days” plays in the background. This scene might have a slight influence on why everytime I listen to the song, time literally feels like it’s been slowed down. However, it’s mostly the gentle plucking of the guitar paired with Nico’s deep and soothing voice that creates this feeling. Add the beautiful string quartet into the mix and the song puts you almost in a state of trance, where every bit of worry floats away. It’s the perfect tune to put on for when you’re in need of a long breather, and will keep you daydreaming from dawn until dusk.

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