Written by: Michelle Gomez, Assistant News Editor

Last week, students voted to elect SFSS Board members, and the results have finally been announced! 

Votes were extremely close in some cases. The Education Representative Emerly Liu has been elected with a difference of four votes. The Health Sciences Representative Nafoni Modi has been elected by a margin of two votes. 

Your 20202021 Board of Director members are listed below:

President: Osob Mohamed

VP Student Services: Matthew Provost

VP University Relations: Gabe Liosis

VP Finance: Corbett Gildersleve

VP External Relations: Samad Raza

VP Student Life: Jennifer (Meme Queen) Chou 

At Large Representatives: Balqees Jama and Phum Luckkid

Applied Sciences Representative: Harry Preet Singh

Arts and Social Sciences Representative: Sude Guvendik

Business Representative: Mehtaab Gill

Communication, Arts, and Technology Representative: Haider Masood

Education Representative: Emerly Liu

Environment Representative: Anuki Karunajeewa

Health Sciences Representative: Nafoni Modi

Sciences Representative: WeiChun Kua

The referendum question to increase student fees for the World University Services Canada SFU (WUSC SFU) was passed, meaning students will now pay $5.00 per semester to WUSC SFU, and $2.50 per semester for students taking 3 credits or fewer. This is double what the prior fees were. 

The referendum question to increase student fees for Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) did not pass by a margin of 93 votes; semesterly student fees for SFPIRG will thus not be increased.