What grinds Our Gears: Why are students still sweltering through summer classes in 2019?

Students are hot under the collar over lack of air conditioning in classrooms

Can we at least get some electric fans going, please? Illustration by Momo Lin / The Peak

By: Tiffany Chang, SFU Student

You know what sucks? The lack of air conditioning on campus. As someone who sweats buckets whenever I’m at school during the summer, it downright pisses me off. 

Needless to say, summers in the last few years have been scorching hot. Despite this yearly inevitable unbearableness, I’ve definitely noticed that SFU does very little to even temporarily relieve us from it. 

The newer lecture halls in the third floor of the Academic Quadrangle have AC, which I acknowledge and appreciate. However, these few rooms aren’t enough when accounting for the overall comfort level of all students. Considering the institution is turning 54 years old, I’m really shocked that incorporating more indoor heating/cooling systems hasn’t appeared on anyone’s radar yet. 

I mean, we’re privileged to receive a higher education, sure, and we need to pay our dues, OK, but is walking into buildings that feel like saunas supposed to be one of them? Having no way to prevent ourselves from melting when the temperature measures 30 degrees C outside isn’t exactly helping our “university experience.” 

I dread having to deal with this for the remainder of my degree. I hope SFU does more about the indoor climate issue soon . . . hopefully at least a semester or two before I graduate.  



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