Board Briefs Thursday, June 27

Notes from the latest Board of Governors meeting

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By: Paul Choptuik, Coordinating News Editor

SFU Burnaby parking rate changes

At the latest Simon Fraser University Board of Governors meeting on June 27, Mike Cordoba, alumni order-in-council, spoke about changes in the SFU Burnaby campus’s parking rates that will come into effect July 1. 


Stating that these changes were in response to increases in the regional parking tax, Cordoba noted that it provided an opportunity to “rebalance current lot prices slightly,” to encourage more even usage across SFU’s parking lots.

Daily hourly rates will be increasing by $0.25, while the increase in daily max rates will vary. Monthly permit parking rates will also be increasing, with the notable exception of Residence West Lot, which will see a $9.88 reduction in the monthly rate. The exhaustive list of changes can be found online on SFU Parking and Sustainable Transportation’s website.

“It should be noted that SFU has not increased its permit parking rates since 2013 and the hourly rates have not increased since 2010, except for special increases in North Lot in 2018 to encourage parking in other lots,” Cordoba also stated.

New certificate programs announced

Christopher Lewis, order-in-council, reported that as per the recommendations made to the Board of Governors by SFU Senate during their meeting on May 21, three new program proposals were approved.

They are the Certificate in Creative Technologies in Digital Journalism within the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, the Certificate in International Studies in the School of International Studies within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the Graduate Certificate in History in the department of history within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 

All programs will be effective Spring 2020.

SFU joins the International Sustainable Campus Network 

Martin Pochurko, vice-president of finance and administration, reported that SFU had joined the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN).

Pochurko noted that this involves a commitment to the ISCN’s charter, which can be found online. According to the ISCN, “signatories to the charter commit to follow and support five calls to action.”

These include “[embedding] sustainability in all aspects of the university” and  “[creating] an environment that cultivates resilient, empowered, caring and engaged students, staff, and faculty who will contribute to the health of people and places.”

SFU is the second Canadian university to join the network of over 90 universities worldwide, including Princeton, Harvard, and UBC, the last of which was the first Canadian university to join the network.

Lot 21 Approved

Porchuko also reported that Lot 21, a proposed housing project for mature students, had been approved. 

“We’re glad to see that moving forward, 90 units will be built in UniverCity,” stated Porchuko.

When complete, the project will target graduate students and students with families, a point that had been clarified by president Andrew Petter.

“One little correction: it says here ‘targeting grad students with children.’ In fact, it’s targeting graduate students and students with children.”


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