Voices of SFU: “What do you want from your next SFSS representatives?”

With the coming SFSS election, we went to SFU students to ask what they wanted from their next student government.

Photo Illustration by Geron Malbas/The Peak (Original photo by Azat Bayandin/The Peak)

Compiled by: Alex Bloom and Gabrielle McLaren

“I would like to see the SFSS focus on more health and wellness resources for students. I think bringing in a dietician/nutritionist to give workshops geared towards student lifestyles and student budgets would go a long way. Workshops with certified fitness instructors would also be great to introduce students to different types of workouts and their benefits!”

Anastasia Kosteckyj, history


“The SFSS has taken on a number of important roles on the campus — not the least of which are managing Out on Campus and the Women’s Center – and moving forward, I would like to see greater support being provided to these departments. Out on Campus in particular seemed to suffer from unexpected staffing shortages and was closed twice this past year. I would love to see greater attention being paid to the needs of these departments to make sure they can be consistently beneficial and available for our campus community.”

Amneet Mann, engineering science


“The one thing that I need from the next student representatives is advocacy and activism. There are a wealth of issues that directly impact the student experience on campus, and we need a society that can leverage the money and resources we provide them through our student fees to advocate for us. This looks like taking a strong stance on the Tuition Freeze Now campaign, providing space in the new building for marginalized student groups facing eviction, and really listening to and supporting student constituents who are being negatively impacted by past decisions and actions by the university and by the student society itself.”

Emma Warner-Chee, sociology


“To not be a hot mess.”

Aiya Bowman, computing science


“I think more initiative on helping students with mental health, I think that’s a big issue. [. . .] So I think talking about that more, getting that out more, or just making that more accessible would have a big impact.”

Mohammed Elhagehassan, biomedical physiology and kinesiology


“Please be clearer with what you are building and why. Also please push SFU to have a clearer snow day policy. Maybe also fix elections. Like not fix but repair.”

Rylee Sear, history


“Would like to see more student engagement; (in addition to the marshmallows), better snow day policies, and perhaps to look into the group Build The SFU Gondola!”

Kalieah Banovac, history


“Change the rules about having to pay every semester for the recreational facilities, even when students are only enrolled in distance courses.”

Anne-Marie Belanger, education


“I would like to see more raccoons.”

“I would like to see student union / special interest group space in the student union build and more consultation on important decisions like that in the future.”

Paul Choptuik, history


“I would like more candidates to actively promote their policies and objectives so that students are better equipped to vote for what they actually believe in.”

“I would like to see more engagement between SSFS and the student population outside election periods, so that the current student population feels genuinely represented by their government.”

Sophie Webb, history


“I expect maybe a more active presence from the SFSS, just because I feel like me and a lot of other students don’t really know what they do or what they can do. I’ve seen a lot of promises of tuition freezing and that wasn’t something that I was even aware that they do, so I guess maybe some more publicity, that’s what I would hope for.”

Pablo Clairmont Salvatierra, political science