WGOG: Undisclosed mayonnaise in restaurants

Photo courtesy of CBC News/Julie Van Rosendaal

Written by: Gene Cole, Opinions Editor

I understand that disliking mayonnaise is far from a universal stance. I’ve always felt it to be an overpowering blandness that ruins a good burger, but I respect that plenty of others consider it a staple of sandwiches and dips. Everybody’s got different tastes.

     What I don’t understand is why so many restaurants just don’t feel the need to list it as a significant aspect of a menu item.

     I can’t think of many toppings that get the same treatment. Occasionally veggies or a pickle will go unmentioned, but these are things that can be easily removed in most foods. As a sauce, mayonnaise soaks into the bread and coats the meat and veggies, infecting them with an all-encompassing flavour and goopy texture. There’s no escape from its oily and eggy taste once it’s arrived.

     It’s certainly unfair to expel mayonnaise from our world, but I’m not convinced that enough people like it to justify its silent inclusion. I’m so tired of uncomfortably asking, “Hi, um, so are there any sauces on this burger?” All I want is to make my picky sandwich orders as quick and easy as possible for everyone involved.