Written by: Srijani Datta, Assistant News Editor


With one month remaining until B.C. legalizes cannabis, its universities are working to put together their own policies on marijuana.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) has already indicated that their campuses are unlikely to allow the use of cannabis. Although the institution’s policy is yet to be finalized, KPU vice provost for students Jane Fee has commented to CBC News that “the idea will be that you shouldn’t be in class or you shouldn’t be at work if you are impaired in some way, either by alcohol or by cannabis or some other illegal drug.”

SFU’s communications associate Justin Wong wrote to The Peak that SFU is also still working to finalize its policy on cannabis use in its campuses.

“Like other post-secondary education institutions in British Columbia, we are currently awaiting direction from the provincial government on legislative changes regarding cannabis for the province,” wrote Wong.

He echoed the same sentiment as Fee, stressing that SFU is concerned about the use of any substance that may impair the ability of members of the SFU community to learn, study, teach, conduct research, or work.

“The safety of all members of the university community as well as visitors to our campuses is a major priority for SFU when developing any policies related to cannabis,” he commented.

Currently, GP 16 and GP 17 are SFU’s official policies regarding tobacco and university-wide safety. Wong told The Peak that SFU is currently considering how cannabis could or should be integrated with both policies.

Giving an indication of what SFU’s policy will be focused on, Wong wrote that “the university is particularly focused on considering how recreational cannabis has the potential to create unsafe conditions and occupational hazards. Any policy developed will not only comply with the new legislative changes on cannabis but will also prioritize a safe working environment and university experience for students, staff and faculty members.”

According to Wong, SFU has been involved in discussions with other universities across the province, sharing issues, concerns, and ideas as they work on drafting their policies. He mentioned that SFU is confident that its cannabis policy would be similar to those of the other post-secondary institutions in B.C.


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