WHAT GRINDS OUR GEARS: Tim Hortons in 2018

Courtesy of The Peak

Written by Liam Wilson, SFU Student

Let’s face it: Tim’s is not the champion of Canada that it used to be.

If you’ve kept up with Tim’s in 2018, you’ve probably heard of the public outcry, and the protests that erupted after it was announced that the heirs of the franchise would be cutting paid breaks and benefits for employees in Ontario due to increased minimum wages. Don’t you hate it when the government cuts into your profits in order to pay your employees a better living wage?

These events, coupled with rounds of layoffs along with animosity between franchisees and the parent company, have resulted in the company’s reputation disappearing faster than their best donuts — seriously, they’re always sold out of all the good kinds — sinking to number 50 on the Leger Reputation Study in 2018 after coming in at number four in 2017.

The cherry on top? Tim’s has completely ruined their sandwiches by introducing their new “rustic bun.” Trust me Tim’s, the only thing rustic about your bun is the fact that it tastes like dry, chewy shingles that somebody ripped off of an old barn in the countryside.

Sorry Tim’s, but I think I’ll be taking my business to Starbucks this year.