Clubs Days is this week and you know what that means: time to get involved on campus! Joining a club is the easiest way to make friends that will last longer than a semester. Clubs Days allows you to walk around and talk to the different clubs, societies, organizations, student unions, teams, and services on campus. It’s a great way to find out about groups before joining. In case you can’t make it to Clubs Days or you want to avoid the crowds (I can’t really blame you for that), The Peak  has compiled descriptions of different clubs (and only clubs) so you can find the group that feels right for you.


Idol Culture & Dance Club

The Idol Culture & Dance Club is a place where Japanese Anisong idol enthusiasts gather and bond through song, dance, wotagei, and our love for Anisong idols! We host viewings and special events related to Love Live!, Tsukiuta, Walkure, and Ensemble Stars. Our viewings or meetings are bi-monthly, and we introduce different idol-related animes or stage plays each time. Last semester, we hosted an exciting event with a waifu cake and shrine, celebrating Nozomi’s birthday from Love Live!

We hope to do many more special events like this in the future. It’s free to join so come on out and meet other idol anime loving friends/fans here!


StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is one of the fastest and most challenging e-sports around, with no elements of chance and no team to help carry you. The SFU StarCraft Club is a determined group of steely-eyed strategists who compete in the pulse-pounding action of the collegiate StarCraft 2 league for the glory of SFU. However, we’re always happy to add players of all skill levels (and even brand new players) to our roster! We play online at least weekly, and it’s all about having fun!

Keep an eye out for our local barcraft events: live tournaments held in sports bars, where we take on all challengers. They are free to watch, and free to compete in!


Muslim Students Association

The work of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) revolves around three primary objectives that also define MSA: to provide and facilitate religious services on campus such as renting a room for regular and Friday congregational prayers; to provide and facilitate educational programs catered toward Muslim and non-Muslims; and to facilitate socialization among Muslim students through social events.

Our educational programs are: Islam Awareness Week, which is a week-long program with a seminar aimed at providing education on Islam; “Sisters Speak” which is a female-only program, aimed at educating and empowering Muslim women; spiritual-oriented lectures led by esteemed, local Islamic scholars on a bi-weekly basis; and “Knowledge Circle” which is a book club through which MSA aspires to revive the passion of reading among young Muslims, exploring the literary works of distinguished Muslim scholars in the areas of humanities and social sciences.

Occasionally, MSA also conducts educational conferences inviting prominent Muslim speakers to address contemporary issues related to Islam. In addition to religious services and educational programs, MSA also organizes social events (sometimes in collaboration with other MSAs and local organizations) to provide an environment for Muslims to socialize and make new friends. A social event is organized at the beginning of every semester. MSA also organizes four communal dinners in the month of Ramadan on Burnaby Campus.

MSA members meet every week to discuss, plan, and coordinate MSA’s affairs. In respect to funding, MSA relies on SFSS clubs’ grants as well as its own funds for which MSA organizes an annual fundraiser in a local mosque.


Student Marketing Association

Student Marketing Association (SMA) is an innovative marketing-based organization that is led by students, for students. Our focus is to bring together future business leaders who are interested in exploring the different areas of marketing and are seeking to gain practical experience and skills. Through local business partnerships, mentorship, networking, and skill-building events, we provide students with various challenging opportunities to develop skills in an inclusive space and prepare them to enter the industry.

SMA recruits students at the start of every semester and there are opportunities available for all types of concentrations and experience levels. Whether you are interested in marketing, finance, or event planning, we have seven different departments to fit your needs. Membership is completely free and meetings are held weekly or bi-weekly depending on which department you are a part of. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Sign-up for our mailing list, too, so that you don’t miss out on recruitment opportunities!



AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization, present in over 120 countries and territories. The organization focuses on providing leadership development through cross-cultural exchanges through its three programs: Global Volunteer, Global Entrepreneur, and Global Talent. The goals of a given AIESEC member are to promote, deliver, and service our exchange programs to the students of SFU. AIESEC SFU meets monthly with each team meeting weekly. Membership costs $30 (T-shirt included).


SFU Kish

Formed in September 2015, SFU Kish is one of the fastest growing K-pop dance teams in Vancouver. We are proud to be known for being innovative, actively collaborating with the local Korean community and other school clubs to organize not only K-pop-related but various Korean cultural events. This includes our participation in the recent Canada Day parade as part of the Korean team. We recruit new members to join our team every July to September, hoping to provide opportunities for our members to gain networks and skills transferable to their career. We meet once a week on Thursday evenings to practice. At least one year of dance experience is required to join the crew. No fees required. New applications are reviewed and selected students are contacted for interview and audition. Please email to request an application form or for more info.

Kish SNS:



F.O.C.U.S (Friends of Overseas College and University Students) is a club run by Christians on college and university campuses for the purpose of providing unconditional friendship for international students and a place to explore the Bible.

Every Friday we meet from 5:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m. at SFU in Blusson Hall 10921. We have free dinner sponsored by local churches, icebreakers, and Bible discussions. Every month, we organize outings to local activities or parties to celebrate different holidays. There are no membership fees, but students will pay for their own expenses incurred at monthly outings.


Chinese Christian Fellowship

Who we are?: Chinese Christian Fellowship

What we do?: Organize meetings on campus to share experience with faith in God and outdoor events like hiking, picnics, basketball games, etc.

How often we meet?: Once a week

Any costs?: Zero cost

For more information, please refer to:


Sports Analytics Club

For the love of sports data, the Sports Analytics Club at SFU meets as a club once a month and in smaller project teams more often. We currently have members working on analytics projects for Rugby Canada, Canada Basketball, and Own the Podium. This spring we hosted the first Vancouver Sports Analytics Symposium and Hackathon, in which we partnered with both the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and the Vancouver Canucks. We are looking to expand and work on projects for SFU teams. If you have an interest in sports and statistics, computer science, or other analytical fields we are the club for you! It’s free to join, so come and work with us.

Dani Chu


Artists Club

The SFU Artists Club welcomes artists and art-admirers of all genres, styles, and tastes to join us, collaborate on pieces, make and discuss artwork, and go on outings. Whether you draw, paint, sculpt, write, take pictures, do makeup, model, design clothes, or anything else, you’re welcome to join us. We are a recently-created club and are looking to grow in members. Please check out our Facebook page SFUArtists and our Instagram @SFUArtists or write us an email at for more information.


Red Cross Club

The SFU Red Cross Club is an independent SFU-based club that aims to connect SFU students to the Canadian Red Cross, raising both awareness and funds for Red Cross programs. We also strive for further humanitarian involvement within our community through volunteering and community-based projects. We meet every week on Mondays from 6 p.m.–7 p.m. in BLU 11901. Everyone is welcome to join!


Generation Screwed

With 30 registered campus clubs across Canada, Generation Screwed (GS) is the largest non-partisan, nation-wide, free-market student advocacy organization in the country. Our main focus is spreading awareness about our ballooning national debt and the government waste that makes this problem worse. We advocate for balanced budgets, debt repayment, and fiscal responsibility in government. We are a voice for future taxpayers and the generation that will inevitably lose its wealth to the massive debt being incurred today.

GS is quite active on and off campus. We table regularly to expose Canada’s fiscal issues (namely debt) to students and host pub nights open to anyone who is interested. We also host speaker events which are getting bigger and better each year! Speakers deliver on a number of topics mainly surrounding public economic policy. This month we are hosting our first ever Vancouver Action forum featuring major Canadian politicians and policy thinkers.

In regards to our expenses, they have certainly increased due to the size of our events and because we are now choosing private venues instead of ones provided by the SFSS. This is in no part due to the quality of the venues provided by SFU, but more so the competence and ability of the student bureaucracy. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but the clarity and organization just simply isn’t there. We are not the only club.


Jazz Band

The SFU Jazz Band is a tight-knit group of students who have one goal: to have a good time playing classic jazz, rock, and latin tunes. We put on one concert a semester, and we have smaller ‘combo’ groups that play at sports games and other SFU events. We don’t hold tryouts, and we welcome all musical abilities – we’re just looking for people who want to play music! Practices are 6:30 p.m.–9:30 p.m. on Mondays at Images Theatre (Burnaby campus). Feel free to drop in on a practice and see if you like how we sound. If you don’t have an instrument of your own, we can also help fund you to rent one. PS: If you play drums, you’re extra awesome.


Writer’s Art

First started in 2014, the Writer’s Art has always been a student-lead, non-profit writing circle that connects students to create together, volunteer together, and grow together. We create our original writing programs which we lead in nursing homes and recreation centres. The Writer’s Art has worked extensively with seniors with severe physical and mental disabilities.We also organize writing contests and activities catering to students of all ages and backgrounds. Our contests help recognize and encourage literary excellence in the student body at SFU and in schools all over the Lower Mainland.

As of 2017, we will also be introducing student member reflections and blog posts of these colourful experiences on our website ( meet once every two weeks and there are no membership charges. The Writer’s Art endeavors to foster creativity, ambition, and service and welcomes all SFU students to join our journey.


International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a faith-based human rights agency that works with local governments to rescue and advocate for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. IJM prosecutes perpetrators, provides aftercare, and strengthens existing communities and public justice systems. As an IJM campus chapter we:

  • Build a community of students who want to make a difference.
  • Raise awareness about injustice in our world on our campus and in our community.
  • Raise money to support IJM’s work to bring rescue to more victims of abuse and oppression.
  • Bring our time and resources to learn about injustice, initiate discussion, and take action in our everyday lives.

Want to get involved? Come find us at Clubs Days, check out our Facebook page (, or send us an email at IJM-SFU welcomes students of all beliefs. We’d love to hear from you!


Blender club

Unlike the name suggests, the Blender Club is actually an ambitious and one of the first of its kind in Canada that teaches 3D modeling and animation for free in a fun and friendly environment. The name ‘Blender’ actually refers to the program used by the club of the same name that allows you to create anything you can imagine in 3D and visual effects. After the September 18 icebreaker at 6 p.m. at MBC 2290, Blender Club will have regular Monday sessions to learn and practice animation, and Wednesday evenings to hang out, work together, and do fun events. This semester, they have plans for end of the year competitions and prizes, 3D printing of created models, and even a possible film in the works.


Blood for Life

SFU Blood for Life aims to raise awareness about the need for blood and stem cell donors, while also taking the initiative to register citizens to become active donors. Our goal is to ensure that individuals have the information they need to participate in the cause through both traditional donation routes, as well as non-donation roles.

We are always looking for passionate students to join the club — please email if you are interested in volunteering. There is no cost to join the club, and we provide all the required training.

You can also Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with our events. On behalf of SFU Blood for Life, I wish everyone a great semester!

Here are some quick facts about blood (from

  • It can take up to 50 units of blood to save a single car crash victim. It can take eight units a week to help someone battling leukemia.
  • There is a constant need for blood donations, yet only four percent of Canadians donate.

Here’s some about stem cells:

  • Over 80 diseases can be treated with a stem cell transplant
  • Patients are more likely to find a matching donor from within their own ethnic group, but only 28% of the current stem cell registry is ethnically diverse


Variety for Tomorrow

Variety for Tomorrow is a brand new club at SFU that fundraises for Variety — the Children’s Charity. Our mission is to support children with special needs in British Columbia, and we are the very first Variety-supporting club at the post-secondary level in the province.

This semester, we will be having bi-weekly meetings on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. in BLU 11901 to plan events and fundraisers that will be held throughout the academic year. We are currently seeking enthusiastic students and volunteers to come out and join us! There are also executive positions available for the 2017–18 school year.

Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to volunteer at Variety’s events, such as their annual Show of Hearts Telethon, Boat for Hope, and their Christmas parties.


Robot Soccer

We are called SFU Robot Soccer, and judging by the name you should be able to guess what we do. Robot soccer is a team of autonomous, or self-maneuvering, robots playing a variant of soccer. The reason why we created this club is because we wanted to create the perfect community for sport fans and technology enthusiasts. Our final goal is to compete in the Robocup’s Small Size League Championships and to represent SFU among other big universities in the world. For those with less experience, we also host a variety of weekly tutorials to teach you the skills you need in robotics.



SFU Tennis provides students with an opportunity to ace more than just exams. Puns aside, SFU Tennis was established in 1975 by a group of tennis enthusiasts whose main goals were to bring together people who shared a common passion and to promote the sport on campus.

Fast-forward a couple decades and currently, SFU Tennis has branched out to include both the club and the competitive team.

The club, collaborating with both SFU Recreation and the SFSS, is run on a recreational basis and welcomes students and staff from all levels. A club fee of $15 allows members to engage in organized weekly hitting sessions, take part in a competitive ladder, and attend club socials.

The competitive team takes part in Canada’s inter-university tennis league. Comprised of both the women’s and men’s teams, team members practice roughly three times per week at the Burnaby Tennis Club and Coquitlam Tennis Club indoor facilities. Advancing past the Regional and Western competitions allows the team to compete at Nationals which take place at Montreal’s Uniprix Stadium alongside the pros during the Rogers Cup! Being three-time national competitors, the team is looking to take the next step this year and win the championship!  

If you are interested in trying out for the competitive team, tryouts will be held on September 16 and 17 from 2 p.m.–4 p.m. at SFU’s outdoor tennis courts located below the Terry Fox Field. Check out the SFU Tennis Facebook page for more information.


Manga Club

The SFU Manga Club is a student-led initiative that focuses on narrative building through various creative and artistic lenses provided by our students. We encourage learning and creating different forms of visual narratives such as manga, webcomics, and traditional comics. This fall, we plan on holding workshops, which will refine our storytelling skills, paneling, as well as transition and flow of the plot. Through this, we hope to bond and overcome common struggles when creating and planning manga as a team. However, we also welcome students who are simply interested in the creation of our works, who want to help our artists and writers, or simply are looking to socialize and volunteer in rebranding the club. Check out our Facebook page, for club times, locations, and workshops!


Hack Lounge Team

Are you interested in learning programming? Do you want to meet other developers with industry experience and learn how to improve your interviewing skills? Do you want to compete against other programmers? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, come see the SFU Hack Lounge Team during Clubs Days! We promote hackathons and hold programming competitions. We also organize workshops for students who want to improve their technical interviewing skills.

The Hack Lounge will be organizing events throughout the semester to help students like you. Whether you are a seasoned developer or someone new to programming, we cater to all and provide events everyone will enjoy. Our programming competitions are often about 1.5 hours and you can use your favourite language. For our interview workshops, we teach you how to be effective in a technical interview, after which you are split into pairs to practice what you learned with someone. Our events are free of charge and food is often provided! Come visit us or send us an email at


Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is the co-ed business professional fraternity and the biggest and largest business fraternity in the world. We were founded in 1904 in New York City and now the fraternity has expanded to 265 universities around the world. Alpha Kappa Psi SFU was initiated in March 2017 as Chi Theta Chapter, this is a valuable opportunity for us to connect with other brothers on the international scale. Our chapter’s members come from all majors and every semester we launch new recruitment to engage with new students who show interest and commitment to the fraternity.

Our fraternity holds bi-weekly general meeting in which the brothers gather up to discuss and develop monthly goals and their implementation. Besides this, the fraternity gives brothers options to join many committees such as professional development, marketing, service, recruitment, and so on that provide business-related projects and valuable networking chances with a common goal in helping each and every brother to become an excellent business leader.

Furthermore, every month our chapter organizes a social event for all the brothers to get together and create stronger bonds. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi means you are a part of a family where everyone consider each other as a brother and together we improve not only our business professional skills but also our social lives.


Kappa Beta Gamma

Kappa Beta Gamma is proud to be the first sorority founded at Simon Fraser University. In the five years since our chapter was founded, we have had the opportunity to support and foster an ever-growing Greek community on campus while simultaneously becoming home to over 100 dedicated, caring, ambitious young women. The Sisters of KBΓ are an organization dedicated to improving its members morally, socially, and intellectually. Throughout the year, we dedicate ourselves not only to developing bonds of sisterhood, but also to philanthropic causes such as the Special Olympics and ‘Faces of Mental Illness.’ As friends, we are committed to bettering our schools and communities by offering leadership opportunities during and beyond our college days. Throughout our day to day tasks, it is important to the sisters of KBΓ that we always hold true to our sorority values: character, culture, and courage.


Indonesian Association

The Indonesian Association (IA) is a non-profit organization that unites Simon Fraser University and Fraser International College students from Indonesia. We strive to engage the Indonesian community and promote Indonesian culture through various events.

We strive to provide our members with an inclusive family-like community that doubles as their home away from home. By exploring new opportunities through educational, professional, and social events, we hope that our members gain leadership and networking skills that they will carry with them beyond the borders of our university life.

We hold several events throughout the year, but our biggest event is our annual SFUIA Spring Olympics held in January. SFUIA Spring Olympics brings Indonesian associations from across Metro Vancouver together to participate in team sports challenges such as futsal, basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball.

Our Events include (but not limited to):

Internal Welcoming Party — Welcoming new Indonesian students studying at SFU to the community, and giving older students a chance to participate and help welcome the new students.

Sumpah Pemuda Event — An event to celebrate the Youth Pledge of Indonesians, who will be the future leaders of our nation.

SFUIA Spring Olympics — An event to bring Indonesian students across Metro Vancouver to participate and compete with one another in different sports tournaments.



Enactus is a global community of student leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a more sustainable world. At Enactus SFU, we believe strongly in seeking out issues that are affecting us right here at home. We see these challenges as opportunities to innovate and generate projects in order to better the livelihoods of those around us. With over 160 active members, Enactus SFU is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus. We develop our members personally and professionally, as well as equip them with the skill sets to be the leaders of tomorrow. Through volunteering countless hours, our members continually push the boundaries of social entrepreneurship to leave a lasting impact within our community. Our projects include Axis Consulting, Banner Bags, Bright Ideas, Count on Me, Media Minds, Refresh, and Soap for Hope.


Facebook: /EnactusSFU

Instagram: @enactussfu


Dragon Boat

SFU Dragon Boat aims to promote the sport of dragon boat paddling in a fun and inclusive environment where everyone regardless of their background and experience level is able to participate. Our goal is to train and prepare paddlers to eventually compete at the highest levels of dragon boat while at the same time introduce this fast-growing sport to beginners and those that wish to paddle recreationally.

We meet on a weekly basis at Creekside Community Centre near Main Street-Science World Station every Friday at 6 p.m. and every Sunday at 2 p.m. We are a fun-loving and welcoming bunch. Paddling with us is the ultimate way to experience this amazing sport and to make new friends.

Join in on our dragon boat practices at False Creek and try dragon boat paddling with us absolutely free until October 15, 2017. Our dragon boat practices this semester start on September 17. Sign up or learn more at:


Debate society

Want to argue with strangers about contemporary issues, but can’t find anyone to partake? Consider debating.

Meetings will alternate between full debate rounds in the British Parliamentary style and practice exercises concerning one specific aspect of debate. In British Parliamentary debate, the participants will be arbitrarily assigned a position on the motion being debated, and given 15 minutes to prepare a 5–7 minute speech. This high-intensity activity, in addition to improving one’s abilities in applying logic and rhetoric, is an excellent low-stake opportunity to practice public speaking and improve one’s general eloquence. As the topic is undisclosed beforehand, debaters are expected to use their general knowledge and critical thinking skills to quickly craft sound arguments. Motions are never repeated, and can include but are not limited to subjects concerning economics, international relations, feminism, sports, philosophy, and culture.

Membership is completely free and all attendants are welcome to drop in and observe debate rounds. Bring a friend and watch experienced debaters present well-developed arguments and, on occasion, cleverly throw in sophisticated but logically indefensible shade concerning their intellectual opponents.

Meetings will be held twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 p.m.–7:30P.m. To stay updated on meeting times and other events, please see our Facebook page at


Smash Club

The Smash Club is run by several event organizers who put on tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. 4. Our events feature players from both the campus community and the Lower Mainland competitive scene, with a variety of skill levels. We run tournaments using the official rule sets, and also have extra consoles for casual matches. Check us out if you’d like to compete, learn about the game, or just have some fun.

We currently don’t have our schedule confirmed so please join us on Facebook in the SFU Smash Club group to find more information, or email us at to be added to our mailing list. Our tournaments usually cost $5 to enter.



TEDxSFU believes the basis of human connection lies within storytelling. By bringing together thought leaders in the spirit of TED’s “ideas worth spreading,” we strive to build a community within our existing SFU community. As we amp up for this year’s conference, members work in tireless collaboration to bring forth meaningful conversations, this year on the Granville Island Stage, on November 12. Driven by a passion for the cause, participation knows no boundaries. TEDxSFU was created out of a desire for change, from pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be “comfortable,” constantly creating meaningful networks, newfound relationships, and a shift in perspective. Are you ready to make the shift?


Varsity Adventures Club

The Varsity Adventures Club (VAC) is a school-spirited organization with an objective to create community, and reshape SFU culture through campus-wide events. Our mission is to create a culture where the everyday student does not think of SFU as just purely a commuter school. VAC offers fun and safe activities to do around Simon Fraser University. We focus on engagement, passion, and connection by bringing people together. Events such as the SFU snowball fight was one of VAC’s first successes. This campus-wide event brought many students together to relieve stress, and make new friends. We also aim to provide everyone with wonderful and memorable university experiences to look back on. Our objective is to unite the school on common grounds, not as faculties, but as SFU students through various campus-wide ‘adventures.’ We hope to build a school-spirited community through our events to serve as a foundation that will not only enhance their ‘varsity’ experience but also inspire future students to engage within SFU.


SFU 350

SFU 350 is a club that works on campus to engage students about tackling climate change and working towards divestment of fossil fuels at SFU. As part of the global 350 movement, we work together to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and participate in meaningful action in pursuit of a cleaner, more sustainable world. Over the past few years, we’ve been involved in DivestSFU rallies, anti-Kinder Morgan protests, the 2014 municipal election, the 2015 federal election, and the 2017 provincial election. We meet once a week (fall meeting time not set yet), and anyone and everyone are welcome to attend at no cost. Email us at to find out when our first meeting will be or sign up using the main SFU Club List website. You can also explore our website at Hope to see you soon!


Crohn’s and Colitis Canada

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada is the only national, volunteer-based charity focused on finding the cures for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (the two main types of Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and improving the lives of children and adults affected by these diseases. We aim to help educate, inform, and advocate for the one in 150 Canadians living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

We are one of the top two health charity funders of Crohn’s and Colitis research in the world, investing over $100 million in research since 1974, leading to important breakthroughs in genetics, gut microbes, inflammation, and cell repair as well as laying the groundwork for new and better treatments.

We are transforming the lives of people affected by Crohn’s and Colitis through research, patient programs, advocacy, and awareness.

Our club is proud to announce that we will be launching the first support group at SFU for individuals affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease. If you have IBD, then please feel free to join our monthly support group! To learn more about the support group and to become involved you can contact us at


Health Ethics Club

The SFU Health Ethics Club was established in the summer of 2011. We are a club where students can explore and discuss ethical issues in public health, medicine, and health policy. We try to foster a sense of community among students in health sciences at SFU and try to enhance moral leadership. We promote dialogue and critical thinking around complex health issues.

The club usually meets up once a month to discuss and debate current ethical dilemmas in Canadian Health Care. We typical hold four events per semester, which include an Introduction to Current Ethical Issues in Canadian Healthcare, a Medical School Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Prep Session, a HSCI 319W Prep Session, and a guest speaker. Previous guest speakers have discussed natural disaster and emergency medicine ethics, physician-assisted suicide, and refugee health ethics.

It is free to join and we have snacks at every meeting. If you are a health sciences student or just interested in health-related ethical issues come and say ‘hi’ to us at Clubs Days, email us at for more info or visit are Facebook page SFU Health Ethics Club.


Wildlife Conservation Club

The Wildlife Conservation Club is a group of students dedicated to the education, promotion, and conservation of wildlife. We provide connections to various volunteer and job opportunities related to biology and the environment. We host events in collaboration with wildlife organizations and organize field trips to parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Once a week we meet up and plan our events, discuss opportunities, and occasionally watch nature documentaries. Anyone is welcome to join! Sign up through SFSS Go to receive emails and updates, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook @ SFU Wildlife Conservation Club. Come visit us at club days on September 13 and 14 to learn more!


Advocacy For Men & Boys

SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys is a student club committed to positive advocacy that raises awareness of issues men and boys face in society today including high rates of suicide and homelessness, men’s health, legal biases in the court system, male infant circumcision, and more. We venture to contribute towards creating a society that is truly equal for all.

Club meetings are open to all and held monthly on or around SFU Burnaby campus – drop us a line at to attend! Our club offers a variety of learning opportunities in leadership, event organizing, marketing, fundraising, and more. And we’re interested in your ideas! Generally, we organize regular events with expert speakers that are open to the public and free to attend.

Visit to learn more and read our “Frequently Asked Questions” section.


Team Phantom

Team Phantom is a family of multidisciplinary students that all strive to create an all-electric race car. We plan to compete in the SAE Formula Electric competition. No matter what faculty you are in, there is a spot on the team for you. For example, anyone interested in technical work can join any of our mechanical or electrical teams, while design- or business-oriented members can join our sponsorship teams to help raise substantial funds and increase our team’s reach in the community. We have recently completed an all-electric go-kart and are currently in the design phase of the race car. We usually meet bi-weekly for general team meetings and every Saturday for work meetings all done at the SFU Surrey campus. Whether you are into design, fabrication, research, marketing, or just looking for a tight-knit team to be apart of, Team Phantom has a place for you!

For more information please check us out on our Facebook page by searching: Team Phantom: SFU Formula 1 Electric or email us at


Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters

Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters is SFU’s official public speaking club. We meet each week in AQ 5004 at 6:30 o.m. on Wednesdays. We have prepared speeches to highlight different ways to make your public speaking more effective. We also have an engaging impromptu speech segment where everyone is welcome to do a short speech on a random prompt. It’s a great, low-pressure segment that newcomers can test the waters with.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We have people from almost every faculty at SFU involved. We’re also having a board games icebreaker on September 20 with free food and drinks. Come out, meet new people, and have a fun night!


Hiking Club

The SFU Hiking Club isn’t just a club, it’s a hiking family! Everyone is welcome to hike with us, whether you have never hiked before or are an experienced hiker. Many of our members didn’t know anyone in the club when they came to their first hike with us, but by the end of the hike, they made lots of new friends and had an amazing time! We typically hike every two weeks on Saturday or Sunday mornings. We post a carpool thread on Facebook and lots of our members are able to find a ride this way. Some drivers may ask you to help pitch in for gas, but other than that, it is free to join our club and come to our hikes! We hope to meet you at one of our hikes this fall and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Facebook: SFU Hiking Club
Instagram: @sfuhikers
Snapchat: sfuhikers


Design Lab

Design Lab is about solving problems in different areas using technology. We are tackling healthcare problems using technology and committed to innovation in healthcare and education. Design Lab is based in Vancouver, BC and we produce design and tech workshops throughout the year. Our team members come from all areas: design, business, technology, and healthcare.

Last year, Design Lab hosted Lumohacks, Canada’s ultimate health hackathon where more than 300 engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs searched for ways to improve a cancer patient’s life. The event was 24-hours long and hackers used software, hardware, and 3D printers to deliver unique solutions to real problems concerning cancer patients.

This year, Lumohacks will be centred on mental health issues including depression and substance abuse.

Apply for Lumohacks at Hear from award-winning researchers in the mental health field. Join us in solving mental health issues!

Also check out on Twitter (@designlablive) for updates about Lumohacks and our other events.


Thé SFU Tea

Interested in trying different kinds of tea while relaxing between classes? Join Thé SFU Tea! We are an all-inclusive social club open to everyone who stops by. We meet weekly for tea times where you can chat and chill while drinking tea. Or do some homework, if need be.

We have a wide selection of teas from local tea shops all around Vancouver. Sometimes we even go on field trips to shops. Whether you prefer the umami of Japanese green teas, the complexity of Chinese pu’er, or the many flavours of blended teas, you will definitely find it here. The club is free to join and you can drop in whenever you are available. We provide takeaway cups for those on the go and ceramic cups for those wishing to sit and enjoy tea. So come on over for a free cuppa on us!

For more information find us on our Facebook page at or send us an email at!



Technovus is family of hardworking, pizza-eating, solder-infused dorks. Here, we’re all hands on. We teach beginner robotics workshops for both engineers and non-engineers, run hackathons, compete in hackathons, and hang out together. This is a club where we also work on all kinds of robotics-type projects. Currently, we have four active projects with their own teams behind them. This includes the creation of a swarm of mini robots that work together, walking robot legs, electric longboards, and painting robots.

We believe you don’t need to be an engineer to build cool things and that there’s more to engineering than what lies inside the classroom. It’s about being able to conceptualize ideas that will help you blow batteries, burn hair, and fry circuit board after circuit board. We learn from each other’s wisdom, share our tools, make fun of each other, and grow together. Robotics, inappropriate jokes, random shenanigans, and heart. That sums up Technovus pretty well.


Satellite Design Team

The SFU Satellite Design Team is a club run by space enthusiasts from SFU. We aim to inspire future generations of space explorers, engineers, and business leaders through innovation and teamwork. Through our endeavours designing and building a satellite, we are enhancing education, building community, and advancing science. We are competing in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, for which we are designing all aspects of a satellite, with the winner being selected for an actual space flight.

We hold weekly meetings both in Surrey and Burnaby. We are looking for students with passion for space exploration who are interested in working in engineering, science, marketing, business, graphic design, and communications.

Our Facebook:
Our Website:
Contact Email:


Hong Kong Society

We are the Hong Kong Society (HKS). We essentially introduce Hong Kong traditions and culture, provide student-based services, encourage cultural exchange, and hold social events. HKS aims at assisting students to adapt to the heart-warming environment in Vancouver, bonding with them and building their self-confidence for future challenges.

We hope that HKS can reduce generalizations and stereotypes that stigmatize both Hong Kong students and our culture. In addition, we encourage that students can acquire a new understanding of the charms of Hong Kong through our events, like the ice Breaker and the orientation camp, and make new friends. Most importantly, we would like to share with students our unique identities and characteristics when we are gathering and connecting with each other.

We don’t have a regular meeting time, but we have lots of activities every semester. We promote our activities on Clubs Days and usually on our Facebook page SFU Hong Kong Society – HKS. Come and chat with us.


Concert Orchestra

The SFU Concert Orchestra is a musical ensemble that performs a plethora of music ranging from classical to soundtrack music. Conducted by music director Alana Chan and former president Rei Miyasaka, the orchestra is dedicated to inspiring a musical presence for the SFU community through wondrous live performances.

Following a recent collaboration with maestro Ken Hsieh and the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra at the 2017 TAIWANfest’s “Kanpai, Japan!” concert, the SFU Concert Orchestra is ever so eager to drive their development as a group of enthusiastic musicians and a harmonious family.

And so, as their 10-year anniversary approaches this year, the orchestra is gearing up to commemorate their efforts and would like to invite the SFU community to partake in their celebratory two-part concerts for the upcoming 2017 fall and spring semesters.

The orchestra meets at the Forum Chambers every Monday evening from 4:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m. and will have their official icebreaker/first rehearsal on September 18. However, they also invite any enthusiastic musicians to their “pre-rehearsal” on September 11to observe how the orchestra operates.

Feel free to check them out on social media:


Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness aims to promote the importance of mental and physical health while nurturing a safe and supportive network for all students. Through hosting engaging and inclusive events in the SFU community, our club is here to help students focus on bettering their overall wellness and find comfort within the people they meet facing similar troubles.

We encourage and welcome students of all backgrounds and experiences to attend our events and connect with others. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, stressed, facing any other challenges, or even just want a place to hang out, we welcome you to join our events and find a sense of inclusivity through open conversation.

Pursuit of Happiness has organized several events in the past few months, such as the Relaxation Room, where we hosted a space for students to come study and have healthy snacks and coffee. For more information about Pursuit of Happiness and to find out about our upcoming events, come visit us at clubs day or check out our Facebook and Twitter @sfupoh.


Hillel Jewish Students Association

Hillel Jewish Students Association offers a social space for Jewish students at SFU that hosts holiday events, weekly on-campus lunches, and social events in and around the Lower mainland. Examples of these events include, Jews & Brews, Apples & Honey for Rosh Hashanah, ice cream socials, and bowling nights. Most of our events are either free or subsidized for students. For more information, please contact or visit to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter.


Phi Kappa Pi

Since its inception in February of 2012, the Omega Epsilon chapter of the Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity has grown to over 90 members in the short time that it has been on campus. SFU’s first Greek letter organization in over 40 years, it has raised nearly $40,000 in the furtherance of men’s health issues during it’s annual Movember campaign. Phi Kappa Pi’s most prominent distinction is that it is Canada’s only national fraternity, and has chapters in Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

Phi Kap strives not only to help to establish a more robust social life on the SFU campus, but to also provide a home for those who do not have one, regardless of creed or background. As older brothers graduate and move on to greener pastures, the active chapter is always looking for new members to continue the legacy of the old, and to be a driving force for good for the school and the community.



We are the SFU student club for pets and you could bring your pets to our club if you’d like, as your pets will be able to join in most events. Sometimes we organize fundraisers for the BC SPCA. Sooner or later, we will be launching our own website. This website will be a very powerful pet search engine. We will provide animal information on our site and it will help you give your pets the best care possible. Come see us at Clubs Days! We might have several doggies you can meet.


Alpha Pi Phi

Alpha Pi Phi is part of the growing Greek Life community here at SFU. Many of our sisters see joining APP as one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. There are always sisters on campus who you can study with or have lunch with. The beauty of sisterhood is that we are always there to help each other whenever it’s needed. Developing lifelong friendships like this helps make the campus feel smaller and more like a community.

We meet weekly on campus to go over upcoming events and throughout the semester for different occasions. This semester we have craft nights, our annual pie smash, and all the fun activities we have planned for our rush period to name a few.

Our dues cover these great activities and many more! They also include charitable donation to our officially charity the Alzheimer’s Society. If you have any questions about joining (aka rushing), email our Membership Development Officer at

Don’t forget to follow us on social media!
Instagram: @alphapiphi_eta


Model NATO Club

The Model NATO Club aims to instill real career-building skills in students at SFU interested in diplomacy and defence. We meet approximately four times a semester on campus to carry out model NATO simulations as well as to listen to speakers including diplomats and government and military officials with NATO experience. These events will prepare students to attend two international model NATO events taking place in February 2018, one in Washington, DC and one in Ottawa. During these events students will meet with diplomats from various NATO countries and participate in four days of negotiations simulating NATO’s strategic decision-making process.

In 2017, our club sent a team of 12 students to Washington, DC and obtained several awards at the conference. Our club members were also involved in organizing and participating in the SFU-NATO Field School. This event saw 31 SFU students travel to Belgium for a week to visit NATO Headquarters, as well as to Italy to the NATO Defense College to receive training that is usually reserved for NATO officials. The next edition of the field school will take place in summer 2018.

There is no cost associated with joining the club and attending the on-campus events. Students will have to self-fund their participation in the conferences in Ottawa and Washington, DC as well as the SFU-NATO Field School. If you are interested in a career in international relations or studies, political science, defence, foreign policy, or diplomacy, this club is a great way to build your resume.


Improv Club

The SFU Improv Club gives students — both inside and outside the fine arts program — an opportunity to perform and create. We want to create a non-judgemental place where students who are interested in comedy or just performance in general have a chance to gather and meet and hone their abilities. We typically meet once a week, and it’s a very casual environment. No experience required.


First Love Club

The mission of the First Love Club is to unite and mobilize Spirit-filled young Christians on campus in

completing the great commission of Jesus Christ. Our passion for God and the Holy Spirit is derived from thewords of Jesus in Revelation 2:4. We seek to maintain the first love of the church, which is to pray, be grounded in the Word, and seek the gifts of the Spirit. We welcome all students of all faiths, race, and opinions to participate in our activities and learn more about our faith.

Meeting Times: Twice a week. Bible study: Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Cell/WhatsApp:778-840- 9644,778-893- 1601(Efua), 778-836- 1163 (Wendy)


SFU Quidditch

We are SFU Quidditch, recently voted as the best sports team on campus (sorry football). Yes, quidditch like Harry Potter. No, we don’t fly. Yes, we’re for real. We play in two official leagues, and compete against local schools like UBC and the University of Victoria, as well as teams from Eastern Canada and the United States. We meet on Mondays from 5 p.m.–7 p.m. and Fridays from 7 p.m.–9 p.m. The cost to join the team is $10, plus additional fees once you make the team. It’s a great game, and if you’re looking to wake up in the morning and just feel blessed that you get to play the sport that you love, join SFU Quidditch! Open to nerds and athletes alike.


SFU Choir

We are a large ensemble choir, with a complete SATB range. We meet every Thursday from 5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m. to rehearse for our once-a-semester concert. This semester, we will be singing songs made famous by Pentatonix, with a focus on their holiday music in time for our December concert. Fees are $70 per semester, which goes towards our once-a-semester weekend retreat where we do a lot of singing but also a lot of friendship activities. You also get two meals at the retreat plus a free t-shirt!

For those interested in something a little more serious, we also have an audition-only Chamber Choir that rehearses based on members’ schedules (usually Tuesday night). Weirdos especially welcome, but basically anyone willing to sing should join, especially if they are a tenor or bass.