The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Board of Directors has passed a host of changes to the policies governing elections and referenda held by the society. The changes were launched by last year’s board citing a “lack of clear process” resulting in “inconsistent elections and referenda.”

Among the changes to the policies, specific election processes as well as communications policies have been introduced, all of which has expanded the new document to eight times its former size.

Further updates to elections documents were approved at the board meeting on June 19.

“The previous board had put together a new set of elections policies, to keep in line with these approved election policies. A bunch of changes have to be made,” vice-president university relations Erwin Kwok informed the board, noting that recent changes were smaller scale.

The previous board noted that elections “inconsistencies pose significant challenges for the administration of the elections and referenda by the [Independent Electoral Commission], and participation in the elections and referenda by the SFSS members” in a motion at the meeting on April 24.

Chief executive officer Martin Wyant advised the board at the June meeting that the changes to the policy should be communicated to the student body.

“I think the next step is to communicate that this policy has been passed with students, many of whom will have questions about why they were developed,” Wyant said.