Board Shorts

On Friday September 30, the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) held their Annual General Meeting inviting all students to attend at the SFU Diamond Family Theatre. Roughly 25 students attended the meeting, where various motions were put forward by students during the open space discussion.

Grayson Barke, council representative for the Environmental Resource Student Union, expressed his concern for the proposed expansion of the tank farm below Burnaby Mountain, and the lack of information surrounding a plan for evacuation on the mountain in the event of an emergency.

Dylan Belvedere on behalf of the Mechatronic Systems Engineering Society  (MSESS) expressed his motion to provide greater services for students on the Surrey and Vancouver campuses. He specifically stressed that students in MSESS, who attend most of their classes on the Surrey campus, do not have access to services such as the Women’s Centre and Out On Campus, despite the fact that these students pay the same student activity fee.

Another student, Darien Lechner, asked the board what the proposed plans were for the student levy following the cancellation of the stadium. The SFSS is currently involved in a tripartite agreement with SFU, and Scotiabank. As it stands, the allegation of the student levy cannot be changed until all three members of the agreement change its binding documentation.

Following the open space discussion the SFSS continued their proceedings with a brief review of the events and activities since May 2015. Vice president of finance, Hangue Kim and the independent auditor Tompkins, Wozny, Miller & Co also presented a review of the year’s financial report.

Did you know you can attend SFU Board of Directors meetings? Join the SFSS October 7 at 2:30 p.m. in Forum Chambers for the latest SFSS discussion and news.