Burnaby Distribution Manager


The Burnaby Distribution Coordinator exists to deliver physical copies of The Peak to stands in a timely and efficient manner, to collect information on circulation and pickup, to maintain The Peak’s distribution infrastructure at the SFU Burnaby campus.

Responsible for meeting courier at the Burnaby campus and receiving each new issue of The Peak
Shall distribute an appropriate number of copies to The Peak’s distribution points at the Burnaby campus
Shall keep track of the number of unused copies on each stand in this jurisdiction, report these numbers to the Business Manager on a weekly basis, and dispose of unused copies in the appropriate recycling boxes
Shall inspect all distribution points at the Burnaby campus at least once mid-week and restock and tidy as necessary
Shall ensure each Peak newsstand in this jurisdiction is kept tidy and clean from posters and graffiti and that the area around the stand is kept tidy
Shall dispose of unauthorized advertising materials placed on Peak distribution points and report large-scale unauthorized use to the Business Manager
Shall maintain all Peak newsstands including cleaning, painting, and coordinating replacement of damaged or stolen boxes
Shall provide weekly email to Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager reporting on distribution and plans for the week (unauthorized advertising, pick up, etc.)
Shall attend all Peak employee meetings
Other related duties as requested by the Business Manager, Board of Directors, or Collective

Must be self-motivated, able to work and fulfill expectations without direct supervision
Must be capable of carrying large stacks of newspapers

Other details:
Hired on a semesterly basis
4-6 hours per week
Paid $165 per week

NOTE: not meeting the stipend requirements may result in dismissal or pay reduction.