Five TV shows that went on way too long

Some shows just need to end before they jump the shark.

We’ve all have that one show.

You know, that one. It was on the air for a decade, but hasn’t had a good season since the third. It’s the same show that you have such a strong emotional attachment to that not even massive cast turnover and poorly executed sub-plots could make you stay away. If you are the fan of a terrible TV show that didn’t deserve to continue, and/or if you’re an easy crier, I don’t recommend you keep reading this piece.

Anyways, we all have that show. And if your show is on this list, I’m sorry. But the truth is these five shows just turned into utter shit as the seasons went by. And as a student journalist, I need to call them as I see them. Let’s get started.

5. Two and a Half Men

What started out as a show centred around weird, perverted humour that actually merited a chuckle or two became a hot mess by the time it went off air in 2015. Truth be told, this show should have wrapped up in 2009, before Sheen even got the boot. But they wanted to prove that even as an older show, they still had stamina. Spoiler: they didn’t.

4. Supergirl

This never should have made it past the pilot episode. Mediocre acting and been-done-before plot secures this show’s ‘gotta be canceled’ status. It has been a true disappointment. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if you want to give us a badass female superhero, write her the new role AND story she deserves (see Agent Carter). Don’t just take old stories and put a women in the dude’s shoes. It’s boring and offensive.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

I can already hear the angry 19-year-old girls with pitchforks beating at my door. But honestly, we all need to take a deep breath and think long and hard about the state of this show. Once everyone calms themselves and puts down the glass of grapefruit-infused rosé, its hard to disagree with me on this one. This once very clever and dramatic show about doctors is now just a rollercoaster that takes you on a ride from hell for 60 minutes at a time.

2. Supernatural

What is this show even about? I thought it was about two brothers fighting supernatural monsters, but honestly the latest seasons are over the top and just bizarre. . . this show could be about anything at this point. Everyone has died and come back to life so many times I wonder if the producers believe in the sanctity of life at all. This show is out of steam and material, and no amount of good-looking actors can change that. Get off the air already.

1. How I Met Your Mother

This show was that one show for me. I watched every episode religiously from 2005 straight through 2014 when the show finally went off air. With mixed emotion and pain in my heart, I will admit this show turned into total garbage. By the time they had milked the franchise for every last joke, there was nothing left for the finale. This is ultimately why the show also receives the honour of “worst series finale” on top of “show that should have ended way sooner.” The show jumped the shark in season four and never really recovered. So I’m sorry, HIMYM, but you will always be remembered as the show that disappointed a generation.


  1. A lot of the new TV shows lack a properly structured story each episode . They just go on and on in circles, introducing new characters instead of bring each episode to a climax. This ” soap opera ” may please some people, but I find it very hard to watch.