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Club member Adam Pinkoski's hiding place of choice.

Hide and seek club thrives at U of A

Anywhere between 25 and 100 people come out each Friday to participate in a game of hide and seek on the University of Alberta campus.

The hide and seek club started in 2013 with just five members, but has since grown considerably and now requires a $5 fee for membership and the bandana that must be displayed during gameplay.

Club member Adam Pinkoski revealed one hiding spot of choice: tall blue recycling bins. He conceded that while he stays hidden, the bin is “a huge sweat box.”

With files from The Edmonton Journal

Saskatchewan GSA president faces impeachment

A group of graduate students from the University of Saskatchewan have put forward a motion of non-confidence against the president of the Graduate Students’ Association, Izabela Vlahu.

As reported in The Sheaf, “The group’s areas of greatest worry appear to be those concerning the spending of GSA finances, including the costs associated with U-Pass implementation and executive travel, and general allegations of poor governance.”

The time frame for U-pass pick-up was decreased from four weeks to nine days and Vlahu has allegedly been paying staff out of the U-pass line item. Other concerning allegations include a lack of government transparency and the bullying of dissenting GSA councillors.

With files from The Sheaf

U of T breaches students’ financial privacy

On October 29, over 170 files containing students’ sensitive financial information were sent out to the wrong recipients.

Various University of Toronto students received an email from enrollment services to inform them that they had been granted need-based funding through University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS). Recipients noticed that they had also been sent the information of fellow students.

The files sent out “contained students’ names, street addresses, award amounts, student numbers, and faculties of study.”

With files from The Varsity