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In anticipation of United Nations Climate Change Conference in France in December 2015, the French embassies in both Canada and the United States are organizing a series of events called “FACTS” standing for French Ameri-Can Climate TalkS. Held at Woodward’s on November 12, the Vancouver event considered the challenge of climate change, and the effects that next year’s negotiations will have in a post-2020 world.



A techie twosome came out on top in SFU Surrey’s Central City Community Engagement competition with their idea to develop an elite training program encouraging young innovators to solve health technology challenges. Sujoy Ghosh Hajra and Careesa Liu received $5,000 from Central City’s property management company, Blackwood Partners, to help implement their Surrey Collaborative Outreach and Research Experience (SCORE) project.


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The importance of women’s voices in the public sphere was discussed on Friday, November 14 by Shari Graydon, founder of Informed Opinions, and the Right Honourable Kim Campbell. Although women make up 61 per cent of university grads and hold leadership posts in most arenas, the experts who are quoted or featured in dominant news media remain overwhelmingly male. The talk examined how we can change the status quo, and who is responsible.