Faculty Reps

The main responsibility of Faculty Representatives is to communicate with theirs and others faculties, so Faculty Representatives must maintain good relations with the Departmental Student Unions and forum representatives within their faculty. There is no specific prescribed duties for this position, which is determined by your area of interest (e.g. advocacy/events/etc), but Faculty Representatives are generally expected to help with Society events and aid executives on projects and decision-making.

1. How would you get your DSUs/students more involved with the SFSS?

2. How would you balance supporting SFSS initiatives while also supporting your specific faculty initiatives representing the student body?

3. When facing an issue with another board member, how would you resolve it?


Applied Sciences


Ben Rogers (Move the Mountain)

1. I would listen to exactly what the students and DSUs need from the SFSS and voice their requests accordingly at board meetings. In addition, I will give feedback with suggestions for either getting involved or adapting their ideas to be discussed at subsequent board meetings.

2. I would approach the issue presented in such a way that could turn a balanced situation into a win-win situation for both parties involved. This would involve minimal conflict and strengthen trust amongst all involved.

3. The first step is to understand whether the issue is to do with an individual or not. If the problem is based on an individual or their actions, I would emphasise the common objectives of the board and advise them to solve the issue in a constructive way.


Arts and Social Sciences

Brady Wallace

Brady Wallace (ACE)

1. Participation with the SFSS requires either progressive DSU’s, or a progressive student society. If elected to represent FASS in the upcoming year, I will encourage active DSU’s to engage with the society. As well, I will pressure the SFSS to expand their DSU Nuts and Bolts programs to our Surrey . . .

2. It is rare that an SFSS initiative would not benefit a faculty in its decision, especially a faculty as large as that of the Arts and Social Sciences. If elected I serve as a representative for the Arts. Therefore in the case that FASS is not being represented to a . . .

3. A concrete answer to this question is impossible, as the resolution to the issue is dependent on the specific situation. In most regards, a middle ground will be sought between me and my fellow board member. If this is not possible, I would introduce a third party to help mediate . . .



Shadnam Khan

Shadnam Khan (ACE)

1. One of my interests is to encourage the organization of the Business Faculty Student Union and concurrent DSUs, with the business clubs being at strong positions to achieve this. The model will empower students to be active within the DSUs of their interest and more representation in Forum now renamed . . .

2. The interests of my fellow business students will be my top priority. However, to maximize the Beedie experience, I will have to work towards making our experience at SFU more fruitful as a whole; after all, Business students are SFU students, paying SFSS fees. I feel that there are many . . .

3. Constructive conflict is something that I am very much looking forward to and I feel that with such a diverse student body, translating to a diverse board with multiple viewpoints, we will always have something new to learn each day. I have vast international academic and volunteer experiences and have . . .


Akashdeep Brar

Akashdeep Brar (Move the Mountain)

1. I believe a problem at SFU today is that not enough students are involved with SFSS. It is my plan to work directly with clubs and DSUs to gain input from their members as well as relay information back to them more effectively than the current state of affairs.

2. SFSS exists to enrich the lives of all students. To effectively support SFSS and the Business faculty’s initiatives and represent my student body, I would make sure the goals of both align. If not, I would work with both groups to make sure they do align, and satisfy everyone’s needs.

3. If faced with an issue with another board member, I would do the only thing that I could do: deal with it professionally, calmly, and examine the situation in a logical and rational manner rather than allowing emotion to cloud my judgment.



Communication Art and Technology

Shirin Escarcha

Shirin Escarcha (ACE)

1. The SFSS has gained much momentum within the Burnaby campus over the last year but I hope to extend that momentum to the Surrey and Vancouver campuses as well. As my faculty spans three campus areas, I hope to facilitate initiatives in each of the campuses to cater to a . . .

2. In my three years at SFU, I have grown to love the campus not only as a place of academia but that of personal and professional growth. All the endeavours I have undertaken in my time here are firmly rooted in passion – this passion will be my foundation in . . .

3. Transparency is of the essence in any team dynamic. It is of utmost importance for colleagues to understand one another when working together and I will therefore do my best to ensure my point of view is well known by my team. As for issues, they are obstacles and obstacles . . .



Natalie Cheung

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Katie Bell

Katie Bell (ACE)

1) The Education Student Union needs to be revamped to become more active. Hosting small-scale events such as academic sessions or social gatherings, can bring the faculty to become involved with the DSU as well as inviting them to take part in larger scale events hosted by the SFSS.

2) Different faculty initiatives require support, which is done by allotting time for both students and the SFSS. The balance to show support for education students and represent the student body comes from being experienced and prepared to represent such a large population.

3) Having an issue with another board member is realistic, but by having an open mind, listening to the other person, and using compromise there is definitely a solution. Ultimately we are all working towards the same goal in the end.








Gloria Mellesmoen

Gloria Mellesmoen (Move the Mountain)

1. I want to continue helping the ESA in their reactivation and with their journal. I also plan to enact an outreach campaign for students in PDP, push the faculty to create a mailing list that includes Education minors, and organize a “Careers in Education” event to showcase diverse opportunities.

2. I think I’ve proven this year my capability in balancing both my commitment to the faculty and the SFSS. For example, I’ve played a major role in the implementation of the SFSS Emergency Food Program while sitting on the Education Dean Search Committee for the reappointment of Dr. Magnusson.

3. I don’t take disagreement personally. I fight for what I believe in and ask the important questions when making decisions that affect 30,000 undergraduate students. I trust that my fellow directors are doing the same and I respect them for bringing a different perspective to the table.



Tesicca Truong (ACE)

1. The key to engage students is to create opportunities for students to step up into leadership positions. I intend to foster student leadership by creating an Environment Student Society to connect the 3 DSUs and the SFSS. I am also organizing SFROSH, the first Sustainable Frosh in the Lower Mainland.

2. As the Environment Representative, it would be my job to act as liaison between students in the Faculty of Environment (FENV) and the SFSS. I would advocate for FENV student priorities to the Board while also engaging and communicating to students about SFSS initiatives.

3. I believe that the SFSS Board can be proactive by creating a community agreement for how Directors should treat each other and staff right at the beginning of the term. In the case that disagreements still arise, communication early and often between parties involved is key.


Health Science

Ayla Kooner

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Lukas Grajauskas (ACE)

1. When I first got involved with the society, I had difficulty navigating its structures and getting things done. In order to avoid others having this problem, I’ll work to forge personal connections with students and DSU execs, thus making sure their involvement with the society isn’t hampered by confusion or . . .

2. The position of faculty rep will allow me to simultaneously advocate for the needs of science students while supporting SFSS initiatives. I’ll bring my perspective as a dedicated science student to the planning of large scale events and advocacy initiatives, ensuring that they meet the needs of my faculty’s students.

3. I’m a firm believer in compromise. I’ll passionately advocate for issues I care about, but sometimes you have to take your ego out of the equation and find a solution that works for everybody.



Monty Grewal (Move the Mountain)

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Betty Ly

1. By creating more events and raising the awareness of science in the Surrey Campus. Most first year students in science start their SFU career in the Surrey campus. I want to bring the news from Burnaby to Surrey. Also, by hosting more science related events within SFU.

2. I would put myself back in a student’s shoes and ask if this is best for the student body as whole. Being transparent with the meetings will help the students understand the decisions I make as a board member. I will address any issues affecting students when supporting the SFSS.

3. First, I would acknowledge the issue with the board member in hopes to come to a resolution. However, if the problem persists, I would ask the other board members for advice on how to approach the situation. I will do my best to come to a compromise.



Deepak Sharma

1. We the (science DSU’s) would get our students involved more with the SFSS by “building bridges” with our students. Introducing them to new ways of utilizing their high level of knowledge outside the classroom, and into the community we have here at SFU.

2. There are times where situations might seem imbalanced. However I would always make sure support is balanced, by always listening to what the faculty of science students and DSU’s have to say. I will always be available to talk to, and will make sure my specific DSU and students I . . .

3. Facing an issue with another team mate is very rare. If there were to be an issue that would be in conflict, due to my previous experiences, any issue would be resolved with my teammate and I both leaving on the same page. I have learnt to always respect my . . .