Where are they now?


Ever wonder what happened to those celebrities who were everywhere back then, but have since fallen off the face of the earth? Well, stop asking yourself stupid questions and find out where they are — now!


Joseph Kony

Former African Warlord

Following the KONY 2012 campaign, former head of the Lord’s Resistance Army Joseph Kony was forced into hiding after a massively negative response on his Facebook feed. Today the former child soldiers are free to do as they please whether that be diamond mining, scrounging for scrap metal or weakly batting away flies.



Drinking Game

The popular marketing scheme and drinking game created by Diageo to sell Smirnoff Ice, the fruit-flavoured nail polish remover, has since been retired in favour of their new campaign, where people smash full bottles of the drink against the skulls of their friends while shouting “You got Cuss’D!” The new campaign is expected to earn over $25 million the next year alone.


Danny Wadzinski

The one weird kid from your 2nd grade class

Daniel Wadzinski now lives a modest rancher style home in Campbell River with his wife Sharleen and their newborn daughter Jessica. Just kidding, the last time anyone saw Danny Wadzinski, he was living behind 7-Eleven on Robson offering handy-Js in exchange for clean needles. But what do you expect, I once saw the kid eat a glue stick like it was a banana. That’s fucked up.