Sperm 101


By Ms. X

“I’d like to know more about semen. As a woman, I don’t really know much about my boyfriend’s load. For example, when he pre-cums, what is it?”

It’s time to get to the bottom of all the questions about your man’s little men: sperm. This question is one of a couple out there that are commonly asked, so let’s tackle a few of them here.

“Is there potent sperm in pre-ejaculation fluid?”

Before your man ejaculates there is a small amount of fluid released first. The “pre-cum” is a man’s body preparing for sex. It lubricates and paves the way for sperm to make a safe journey during intercourse. Pre-cum typically doesn’t have a high amount of fertile sperm, but that doesn’t mean there’s no risk of pregnancy. Old sperm can still be found in the penis and this is the sperm that will be ejaculated with the pre-cum. So while the chance of getting pregnant from this pre-orgasm ejaculation is lower than the main show, there still is a chance. Letting your partner get away with the “pull out” is not a way to ensure you will be pregnancy free. So wrap it up! This will also prevent the transfer of STI’s that can be found in the pre-cum fluid.

“Does drinking alcohol affect the potency of sperm?”

There is a huge correlation between drinking alcohol and the production of your swimmers. Though it may not be permanent, boozing and partying slows the production of sperm, lowering a man’s count. It also increases the amount of abnormal sperm produced and reduces the mobility of those that may have otherwise made it to their final destination. On that note, if you are planning on being a father one of these days, go light on the sauce.

“Are sperm victim to the ‘you are what you eat’ belief?”

While drinking may lead to garbage semen, it may also be important to your partner that your love juice doesn’t taste like trash. It makes sense that there exists a correlation between what you put into your body and what it produces. If you’re ingesting something potent, such as garlic or highly spiced food, the sperm is likely to be unappealing in taste. To sweeten your load, try foods high in natural sugar content. These mostly include fruits such as pineapple, plums, mangos, and anything in the citrus family. Foods high in different acids and nutrients will lead to an array of flavours, some buttery, some bitter, some light, and maybe some that are even tasty. The consistency of semen can also depend on what you’re eating. Ensuring you keep hydrated will keep your cum light for your partner. If your sperm has an unappetizing appeal for your partner, and you have tried altering your diet, the solution may be as simple as giving them a piece of gum. Pop in a piece, and chew carefully!