Hall wins BoG race

By David Dyck

Last week, the election results were announced for the position of student representative on the SFU board of governors. The winner was graduate student Angie Hall. Hall beat out three other contenders for the position.

“I’m really excited, I was compulsively refreshing my email this morning,” Hall told The Peak last Thursday, when election results were announced.

“I’m really hoping I can be on the finance and admin committee, looking at the budget for the school and seeing where we can do things better and bring some new ideas to what we can be doing with students’ money,” said Hall. Board members are appointed to various committees by the chair. “To work with some very influential people at the school and in the community will be really exciting,” said Hall.

According to the elections office, the total number of votes received for this election was 424, an extraordinarily low number. Typically there are over 1,000 votes cast.