Board shorts

By David Dyck

The board of directors had a lengthy conversation regarding transparency last week. In an effort to combat what he described as a “lack of trust” towards the board from forum, member services officer Humza Khan brought a motion to board that would see board and committee meeting agendas forwarded to the forum email list “as soon as the agenda is ready; preferably no later than 24 hours before the set meeting times.”

Khan stated that at the last forum meeting it was evident that forum mistrusted the board. Forum is an advisory body made up of representatives from departmental student unions (DSUs) and constituency groups. It meets every other Thursday. Khan told the board that he believes that this is a step forward in gaining the trust of forum members. Moving forward, the constitution and policy review committee will look at making this an official policy. For now, the motion was passed with an amendment that it will continue until the end of the fall semester of 2012.