University Briefs

By Ariane Maddena

UBC students launch photo dating site

Two students at the University of British Columbia launched a different kind of dating website last week, garnering both support and privacy concerns over its execution. The site, called “Peeked Interest” invites university students to take a snap shot of their love interest and post them in the hopes of breaking the ice online. “Peeked” students have the option of initiating contact or deleting the unsolicited photograph upon discovery.

UBC to consider grade 11 marks for admission

Months of teacher strikes in British Columbia has caused chaos with grade 12 report cards, so the University of British Columbia has opted to include grade 11 marks towards admission of B.C. students. The university will permit submission of the grades for initial first-year admissions but will make a second round of admission offers once final grades become available in May.

U. Windsor student charged in campus pub stabbings

A student at the University of Windsor, Ontario turned himself in to police following an altercation at the campus pub, which saw three students hospitalized with stab wounds. Police reported that a fight broke out near the entrance to The Thirsty Scholar pub around closing time, when the young man allegedly stabbed two men before running to a nearby parking lot where he stabbed a third victim. All victims are expected to recover.

Former New Jersey student convicted of “bias intimidation”

A former Rutgers University student has been convicted of “bias intimidation” ­— a form of hate crime — stemming from the anti-gay bullying he imposed on his university residence roommate by filming his roommate’s sexual behaviours and bullying him. The roommate later committed suicide. The accused will likely go to jail for between five and 10 years or could be deported to his native India for the crime.

McGill arts and Concordia commerce students defy protest strikes

Students in the Faculty of Arts at McGill University and commerce and administration students at Concordia University in Quebec have voted to continue attending classes amongst student strikes over tuition hikes. The two faculties represent approximately 14,000 Quebec students who are in the midst of controversial government talks to increase tuition over the next five years.

— Ariane Madden