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Gabrielle McLaren

Business and Advertising Manager
Yuri Zhou
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Promotions/Social Media Manager
Talha Butt

Production and Design Editor
Marissa Ouyang

Assistant Production Editors
Siloam Yeung and Brianna Quan

Copy Editor
Zach Siddiqui

Coordinating News Editor
Paul Choptuik

News Team
Onosholema Ogoigbe

Opinions Editor
Nicole Magas

Features Editor
Jennifer Low

Arts Editor
Alison Wick

Humour Editor
Zoe Vedova

Sports Editor
The Peak does not have a sports section during the summer term. Please direct all inquiries to the Editor-in-Chief.

Photo Editor
Chris Ho

Multimedia Editor
Melissa Campos

Assistant Multimedia Editor
Marcus Blackstock

Distribution Coordinator
Saif Nayani

Website Manager
Reza Shariatzadeh

Head Staff Writer
Winona Young

Staff Writers

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