An Ode To TransLink

You suck
Angry bus drivers
Get fucked
I understand your job is arduous and hard
But you are not Columbus,

Why can’t the bus come on time?
Why does a ticket cost such a pretty dime?

The trains, they don’t run after quarter past one
The night bus is scary,  the transfer’s no fun

The other patrons are stuffy, smelly, and mean
Dealers and junkies and white stoner teens
A crying man and the wall I sit in between
An old man hits on a girl who’s only seventeen

Their phones are all ringing
No one’s heard of vibrate
I catch the last bus
But still, I’ll be late

Why won’t you go?
Mr. bus driver, sir,
Last week I was waiting for
Over an hour

I run alongside the bus when you’re five minutes early
Still I won’t stop until my sides start hurting
And as you drive down the street and out of my sight
I curse TransLink’s name with all of my might
Fuck you TransLink,
feel my spite!