University Briefs

The Governing Council chambers at U of T - Photo courtesy of The Varsity

International students can govern at U of T

The first amendment to the University of Toronto Act in 37 years has made it so international students may now hold positions on the university’s Governing Council. This now allows students, faculty, and staff who are not Canadian citizens to run for seats and have a say in the way the university is run.

Many student groups are happy to see this development, as the act has been untouched since 1978.

With files from The Varsity

Retention rates are high at UBC

According to a report by David Farrar, UBC’s former VP Academic and Provost, the University of British Columbia boasts high retention rates across its faculties, from 72 to 100 per cent. What this means is that a high rate of first year, full-time students return for their second year and go on to complete their degrees.

Kate Ross, UBC associate VP of Enrolment and registrar, said, “The university is really putting a lot of focus in terms of how things are taught. It makes a difference in terms of how students perform.” She compared it to the national average across the United States, which is believed to be between 60 and 65 per cent.

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U of S students stifled by forest fires

Forest fires in Saskatchewan have affected University of Saskatchewan students, as the school’s Wellness Resources department reported that simply being outdoors posed a risk.

Toddi Steelman, executive director and professor of Environment and Sustainability said, “We are at the mercy of mother nature right now, so until the weather shifts, until we see some rain or until temperatures cool down a bit, we are not going to see a whole lot of relief from it.”

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