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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Spotlight: Embark

On today's spotlight, we feature Embark, an independent non-profit student society at SFU focused on empowering the next generation of student sustainability leaders. Created by...

Procrastination 105

(HUMOUR) SFU's most recent initiative focuses on teaching students everything they need to avoid learning as much as possible. Created by Melissa Campos and Aaron...

Student Spotlight: Sam Gorick

On today's spotlight, we chat with Sam Gorick, a standup comedian and SFU student. Created by Melissa Campos and Natasha Tar

SPOOF: Bigfoot spotted in the woods of Burnaby mountain?

One SFU student claims she caught a glimpse of a mysterious creature in the woods around SFU. Created by Janis McMath and Melissa Campos

Peak Speak: What Grinds Your Gears?

On this week's episode of Peak Speak, we ask students what grinds their gears. Filmed by Calvin Truong and Gigi Seifelnasr

Peak Speak: Is SFU Boring?

On this week's episode of Peak Speak, we ask students if they think SFU is boring.

News Roundup: February 2018

We go over some of the SFU-related events that occurred over the past month.