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Friday, September 20, 2019

The Big Fair

The peak covers SFU`s Big Fair hosted by Work Integrated Learning. We talked to some of the career and volunteer figures, as well student...

Peakcast #5

A special edition of the Peakcast where the ladies from the office discuss International Women's week.

Peak Behind the Scenes: PQ Photoshoot

Today we go behind the scenes of a photoshoot; the latest issue of PQ had Luke Henry, professional table tennis player, grace its cover....

Peak Speak: What Do You Think You Were in Your Past Life?

On this week's episode of Peak Speak, we ask students what they think they were in their past lives. Created by Gene Cole and Dino...

SFU Open House 2012

A short video highlighting the 2012 SFU open house. Feat. Drew-P Created: Julian Giordano Contact: multimedia@the-peak.ca Score: In my heart - Moby

Peak Speak: First Kisses?

This week The Peak asks students about their first kisses.

Interview with Marc Fontaine (BuildSFU)

The Peak spoke with Marc Fontaine, BuildSFU general manager, about progress on the Simon Fraser University SUB development; Fontaine details the three proposed locations...

Milk Spill

Last week, Austin, the Peak Sports Editor, wrote an editor's voice extolling the virtues of milk: sipping it, drinking it, bathing in it... so...

Fall: Expectations vs Reality

With Fall in full swing, it's time to adjust your expectations.

Peak Sports Challenge: Three-Pointers with Ellen Kett

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3ONJQMuemQ On this week's Peak Sports Challenge, our Sports Editor, Nick Bondi goes up against Ellen Kett, who leads SFU in this season of women's...