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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Stuff We Hate: January 30th 2012

Handshakes By Gary Lim I absolutely despise handshakes. I mean it’s 2012 people, why do we still insist on greeting one another by awkwardly flailing our...

TransLink to offer new daily U-Pass program

  Photo by Ben Derochie  By Colin Sharp  Humorist Emeritus Tag:“We’re getting really good at wasting money by changing the system,” says TransLink In response to continued complaints that...

Ski Ninjas: Beards

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas

The Daily Snooze: Cheddar

By Jacob Samuel at The Daily Snooze

Join the Club: Sepak Tekraw Club!

By Andrew Mclachlan New to SFU? Missed clubs day? Finding it hard to make friends? Tired of sitting alone on Friday and Saturday night playing...

Ishmael: The Book

By Ben Buckley at Seemed Funny

Ski Ninjas: Coffee Shop

By Kyle Lees at The Daily Snooze

Mystic Gary: Weight Loss

By Gary Lim Dear Mystic Gary, I hate myself for this, but over the Christmas break, I might have overindulged just a teensy bit too much. ...

Word on the Street: SOPA/PIPA

By Gary Lim “Arrr, why ye be asking me fo-arrr? Now gangway lest ye yearn for feel me cutlass!” Victor Barbarossa Wrong kind of pirate   “I never trusted...

Single Panel Comic Seeking Partner: Lego

By Andrew Mclachlan