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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Ski Ninjas: Sharks

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas

Corpus Christi: Lego Men

By Daniel Hawkins at Corpus Christi Comics

Ski Ninjas: Friendship Hug

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas

Horoscope: October 14, 2012

By Gary Lim Aries (March 21 – April 20) You don’t care what they say, if you lead that horse to water, you will make it...

Read it & Weep: Acorns

By Travis Dandro at Travisdandro.com

Catfield: O-Dog

By Gary Lim

Petter Watch: October 14, 2012

Petter experimenting with new handshake methods for greeting co-workers. By Colin Sharp  

Stuff We Hate: Glass jars & People with two last names

Glass jars The first time I saw someone drinking out of a jar, it was my grandmother, who was visiting from Serbia. I laughed at...

Listless: What are we bringing to Thanksgiving

7 or 8 Tupperware containers Tofranberry Sauce A pumpkin Tofrandied Toframs Turduckowlchickahummingo (Served in a hollowed out owl) White guilt Our vegan girlfriend, the one with the soy-gluten-lechtin allergy Map of...

The Daily Snooze: Inconvenience

By Jacob Samuel at The Daily Snooze