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Friday, August 14, 2020

This Week on Petter Watch: Feb 20th

By Colin Sharp

Chess colour barrier broken

By Brad McLeod Yesterday was a historic day in the world of chess as 25-year-old Ryan Whiteman, became the first player in a professional tournament...

This Valentine’s day, practice full frontal giving.

By Davey Kaspersky If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got some Valentine’s Day hang-ups that really grind your gears. For some, it’s finding a...

The Daily Snooze: Investment Banking

By Jacob Samuel at The Daily Snooze

Join the Club: Font Club

By Gary Lim  

Ski Ninjas: Possession

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas

Man loses 500 pounds through prayer.

By Brad McLeod Tagline: Morbidly obese man beats weight through prayer, lack of religion. A local man recently lost an unprecedented amount of weight in a...

Ski Ninjas: Stem Cells

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas

Word on the Street: Reading Break

By Gary Lim

SFU establishes new Faculty of Bears

By Gary Lim Citing interest from the increasing bear population at SFU, the board of directors in association with the president’s office has decided to...