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Friday, August 14, 2020

Petter Watch: March 5th

By Colin Sharp

theWAREHOUSE: Bob Sledder

By Carl Huber at theWAREHOUSE

Petter Watch: February 27th

By Gary Lim

theWAREHOUSE Comic: Axed

By Carl Huber at theWAREHOUSE Comic

Campus Update: February 27th

>>Burnaby Mountain reclassified The Society of Orographers recently revoked Burnaby Mountain’s status as an official mountain, instead reclassifying it as a large hillock. Spokesperson for the...

Listless: Alternate SFU Slogans

By Gary Lim Now, as those of you who read the inferior sections of this paper might know SFU recently changed their slogans, from “Thinking...

The Daily Snooze: Enlightenment

By Jacob Samuel at The Daily Snooze

Good to Know! February 27th

By Gary Lim Scientists at the Riesling Insitute for Research made a ground-breaking discovery yesterday by providing definite, undeniable, infallable proof that a kind and...

Word on the Street: Lent

By Gary Lim

Ski Ninjas: Hoes

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas