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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Read it & Weep: To do list

By Travis Dandro at Travisdandro.com

Corpus Christi: Facebook

By Daniel Hawkins at Corpus Christi Comics

Jokes for English Majors: T.S. Eliot

By Gary Lim By Eleanor Qu

Catfield: Smaller Bites

By Gary Lim

NHL Lockout continues, A-M, O-Z HLs thrilled

As lockout enters second month, fans increasingly desperate; smoking their own scabs  By Gary Lim VANCOUVER — Roger’s Arena stands empty. Where there should be crowds...

Study finds shocking increase in children who are ‘just big-boned’

Shocking rise linked to children who’ll just grow into their looks By Brad McLeod VANCOUVER — A new study by the Canadian Medical Association has revealed...

Petter sits down Woodward’s to talk about the about the new campus on the...

After an uncharacteristically silent dinner last Saturday night, SFU president Andrew Petter reportedly waited until bed time before sitting down with the Woodward’s campus...

Mitt Romney’s five adult sons form Mormon boy band

  By Gary Lim Photo by Associated Press   Startling news came out from the American Music Awards last Sunday, when the crowds of screaming teenagers were surprised...

Point/Counterpoint: Society can only function through reasonable, civilized discussion vs. Fuck you!

Point: Society can only function through reasonable, civilized  discussion By Todd Pollard Concern Citizen  Now, I might be old fashioned, but I believe that in order to...