A plea from your web manager for basic competency

No more nagging, please

A photo of a man, looking frustrated, at his laptop.
PHOTO: Pixahive

By: Subaig Bindra, Web Manager

Imagine going to your job — in this case, in my room and at my desk. Pretty convenient, eh!? What’s not convenient is me having to ask people, colleagues, great writers, and generally amazing humans, to finish their part of the job so I can do mine. 

Dear section editors: it is my sincere request (and injunction) that you provide all the info required to publish an article on our website! Y’all do such a great job overall to get content out to the community. Let’s try to get a wee bit closer to utopia by never missing alt-texts, credits, scheduling info, tags, and whatever the hell I might add to this list when one of you leaves it out for the first time.

You see, I simply hate having to text each of you individually, and ask nicely for the part you’ve failed to provide me. I would be down to talk about anything but this. We can talk about emo music or discuss concepts that we think are cool. We can even talk about the meaning of life and be existentialists. Just don’t make me beg you (nicely) to add fucking alt-texts (and besides, we intend to be accessible, right?!) 

There are other things that grind my gears too, like when the R5 bus gets away from me, in front of my eyes, while I’m standing across the road waiting to cross the intersection (fuck the traffic light). Or, when everyone in the house incidentally has to do laundry on the same day. I guess that’s just entropy playing tricks on me, or Murphy’s law. Who KNOWS.