How your sex drive changes based on what year you’re in

New year, new desire to be as far away from people as possible

ILLUSTRATION: Maple Sukontasukkul / The Peak

By: Paige Riding, Humour Editor

You thought going through Strand Hall, awkwardly making eye contact with a baddie walking towards your shared lecture while you headed away was a rush last year? Well, now you’re older and spending half of your time getting fucked by previously unknown assignments on Canvas and the other half just . . . not getting fucked. Damn, that’s rough. At least you’re close to graduating, right . . . ? Uh, here’s a breakdown of how university sucked your finances, creativity, and general joy right out of you while you were wishing something else was getting sucked on, instead.


  • Those models on pamphlets in the Health & Counselling room could use your eager expression for its “Let’s Talk About Sex!” campaign
  • Enough condoms in your sock drawer that you’re known by your roommates as the “Rubber Plug” for more reasons than one
  • “If McFogg the Dog or COVID doesn’t take you out, can I?”


  • Strong jaw muscles, stronger will to try partaking in socially-distanced dates, but they just end in you two fucking, anyway. Shame on you
  • You watched that TikTok that tells you to record yourself like you’re topping and you’ve never been the same ever again
  • Beastars isn’t that bad, is it?


  • Incognito can only hide so much. You know what you’ve done
  • A Tinder message asking you to hang out sets off your fight or flight response
  • Wait, was that match you just blocked your TA? . . . Can you undo that unmatch?

Fourth-year (you think?)

  • All those busts in the shower makes it the new Peanut Gallery
  • Did that classmate smile at you in lecture? Is that churning in your stomach excitement or indigestion from the bit of food you’re about 23% sure was food on your laptop’s trackpad?
  • Did you ever use your SFU hoodie as a cum rag or are you not a FASS student?

[redacted]-year (help)

  • Enough previously used cum socks in your sock drawer that there’s no room for all of first-year’s condoms
  • You tried using the “Grad 2018” lanyard you got in first-year to tie up your partner in bed but it made you cry instead
  • Oh, Peanut Gallery! Haha, I get it now. You kids. Anyways, remember when the old SFSS president got impeached?