My coming-of-age soundtrack, the upgraded sequel

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Marco Ovies, Editor-in-Chief

Fans of The Peak (or as I like to call them, Peaklings) will remember that I wrote a Monday Music about my coming-of-age soundtrack. It wasn’t until I saw it in print that I realized every single artist I had included was a white male. White men have been telling me for long enough what to do and quite honestly I’m not sure I want them controlling my coming-of-age soundtrack. So consider this my coming-of-age soundtrack 2.0.

“Nobody Cares” by Superorganism

Courtesy of Domino Recording Co Ltd

This is the song that I wish would have come out when I was in high school. It is the perfect song to play as you (the main character) rush out of bed in the morning late to school. The credits roll over as you alternate between slamming your alarm clock, brushing your teeth, grabbing your clothes, and grabbing that one slice of toast on your way out of the door. What makes Superorganism such a great band is their combination of really mundane sounds (like a bottle of soda, a bucket of water, an apple, and a toy car, to name a few) incorporated with heavy synths. If you get a chance to watch their NPR Tiny Desk Session I would highly recommend it. 

“Burnt Houses” by Sam Truth

Courtesy of 1146804 Records DK

This song is for the montage driving moment where you stick your hand out the car window and do that “Just girly things,” feeling-the-air-between-your-fingers thing from Tumblr (do people still use Tumblr?). You might be out driving with your friend, or maybe your crush. I always envision it as you driving home from a really good date with a person that the audience just knows is not good for you. They might scream and throw popcorn at the screen, but you don’t need to worry about that. No good coming-of-age movie breaks the fourth wall like that (and yes that includes Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, fight me).


“Floors (feat. Foster Cazz)” by Abhi the Nomad

Courtesy of Abhi The Nomad

This is the song that I should have put for the party scene that I mentioned in my previous Monday Music. Even though your coming-of-age movie got enough money for a sequel, the studio still can’t afford the rights to a Drake song. Don’t worry though, ‘cause all the cool kids in your high school definitely listened to alternative music and not the same three generic rap songs over and over again.


“Pluto” by Phum Viphurit

Courtesy of Rats Records

This song is for the slow dance with your crush where you finally kiss. You spent all of senior year stressing about how to ask them and here you are, dancing in the middle of the room. The camera zooms in close as you say something super cliché or reference something from the beginning of the movie that you know the audience will eat up. Meanwhile, at my high school prom I went stag and the closest thing to a slow song they played was Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” If anyone is looking to recreate that moment to this song my emails are always open.