“You will not BELIEVE what my 5-year old succulent did today!”: a plant mommy blog

A week in the life of a proud chlorophyll mother!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Harvey via Unsplash

By: Hannah Davis, Peak Associate 

Hey fellow Succies! I hope you like that name I’ve coined for all you fellow plant mommies!

Wow! Today has been a stressful week. My succulent turned 5-years old and the house was in chaos trying to organize a celebration for her! She never ceases to amaze me in regards to how much she can do at such a young age; I know that her development is far beyond any other succulent who has ever lived to be 5 years old! 

I know you’ve all been enamoured with my little sweet succulent and alllllll the splendid things she can do, I decided to keep track of it all for the next week and share it with you!!!

Day 2

My succulent drank up two full litres of water today! Talk about a thirsty girl!

Day 3

When I went to water my girl today, she said “thank you mommy, I am so thankful for you!” That’s pretty impressive for a 5-year old! I’ve read many plant development books and the expected age for a succulent to start talking is… never… so my girl is way ahead of the game!

Later, my amazement was quickly dashed when my girl was missing! I left the room for a moment and when I came back, the sill where she usually sits was empty and my succulent, vanished!

She re-appeared a few hours later, back on the sill, after giving me a terrible scare! Dave must have taken her out for a little while without letting me know!

Day 4

Today I woke up to my succulent having made me breakfast in bed. I’ve never even taught her how to use the stove! A culinary protege! She even made me a mimosa because mama needs her juice!

I went outside after breakfast to get the paper and found one of my outdoor succulents torn up from the roots and laying on my porch doormat… Who did this? A raccoon? A squirrel? I carefully planted this succulent back in the rock garden. 

Later, I added yummy fertilizer to my succulent’s pot, temporarily moving her into a different planter. When I went to transplant her back into the original pot, she stood up, looked at me, and said, “It’s okay mommy, I do it, you work too hard for me already” and she walked her little plant legs right up to the other pot and plopped herself right back into the new soil!

I can’t believe how thoughtful my girl is!

Day 5

I woke up first thing this morning and found a card… from my succulent! 

Dear mommy, you’re the best! I sure hope nothing bad ever happens to your garden…. Love, your indoor succulent.

I couldn’t believe it! My succulent knows how to read and write! I was so excited that I barely picked up on the thinly veiled threat!

Day 6

It’s the middle of the night… I saw my succulent stalking around the house with a shovel and a hand rake… Something strange is going on…

Day 7

Today I woke to scratching on my bedroom door. It was my succulent, still holding garden tools! I asked if she wanted some water and she said “Mommy you’re so thoughtful, and you work too hard, so I already got some water for myself!”

That’s when I heard flowing water… I ran to the bathroom to see…

…all my outdoor succulents floating in the overflowing bathtub, and everyone knows that succulents cannot be overwatered!!! I look at my girl who is standing in the bathroom doorway… She looks at me, “Mommy, I want all of your love. There can only be one.”

Wow… you will not believe what my 5-year old (succulent) did!