Local band The Escapes proves that music does not need to be defined by genre

SFU student musicians are taking over the Vancouver music scene

Photo: Navreet Dhaliwal
Photo: Navreet Dhaliwal

by Marco Ovies, Arts Editor

You might not expect it, but SFU is home to many talented people who take their art outside of the classroom. One of the best examples of this is The Escapes, a jazz-pop band featuring SFU talent Keely Rammage-Scott (bass and vocals), Max Cunningham (guitar and vocals), and Rhett Cunningham (drums). Joining them are band members Isobel Ralph (lead vocals and guitar) and Jack Wells (keyboard). 

The Escapes is a band that does not conform to just one genre. You can hear bits of jazz, rock, funk, soul, and pop in all of their music. Probably the biggest selling point of their music is the pure effortless mastery of the guitar, comparable to artists such as Phum Viphurit and Rex Orange County. 

But The Escapes do not just rely on one instrument to carry them through — they give each band member their own moment to shine. Most notably, Jack Wells intro in “Step Aside” left me floored. The transition between jazz and rock throughout this song can only be achievable by the interchanging focus between the piano and guitar. Both instruments complement each other, and there is never a moment where one instrument feels like it outshines the other. 

Vancouver seems to be a large inspiration for the many genres that The Escapes encapsulate. In an interview with Pacific Sound Radio the band said “Being a band that originated from a myriad of genres and influences, seeing Vancouver be so diverse musically and seeing how its bands support each other is something we love and appreciate.”

Expect some great things in the near future from The Escapes, since they have now partnered with 604 Records (most notably known for artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and Marianas Trench). Be sure to support this local Vancouver band before they inevitably blow up and take the music world by storm.

You can check out The Escapes on their website, YouTube, or purchase their music on BandCamp.