The Fore-Playlist

Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on(to my Spotify playlist)?

By: Winona Young, Andrea Renney, Kim Regala, Kitty Cheung, and Geron Malbas


We would ideally have 69 tracks on this playlist, but for our Sex, Sexuality, and Gender Issue, we’re hooking you up with these hot tracks ASAP for you and your hot date(s).


“Power Trip” by J. Cole

Slow, heated, and too easy to get your grind on, “Power Trip” makes for a great hook-up song. It features a solid beat, a smooth pre-chorus with Miguel plus J. Cole’s rhymes. Regardless of if you’re taking it fast or slow, it’s great for any mood as long as it’s sexy. – WY


“Mile High” by James Blake

If you want to take your partner to sky-high pleasure levels, this song will do it for you. Incorporating a Travis Scott trap-beat on top of a sensually smooth James Blake track, you have the perfect rhythm and mood to get those hips thrusting. Extra Air Miles points if you hook up to this song on Burnaby Mountain. – GM


“Sadie’s a Sadist” by The Buttertones

I don’t know who Sadie is, but she sounds like my kind of girl. Richard Araiza’s smooth vocals, the wailing saxophone, and the suggestive lyrics (“As long as she’s on top…”) in this short little banger (no pun intended) make for the perfect soundtrack to a quick and dirty hook up. This song makes me send wink-face emojis to guys at midnight. – AR


“Rocket” by Beyoncé

As a musician known for showcasing her sexuality and empowering listeners to feel sexy, Beyoncé delivers an intimate and visceral song with “Rocket.” This song celebrates sex, evoking deeply amorous imagery with its rocket and waterfall metaphors. The flirtatious vocals and smooth production make an anthem for engaging in glorious pleasure with someone you intimately love. – KC


“Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar

The definition of a slow jam, “Japanese Denim” is intimate and stripped down to a steady beat, a smooth guitar, and Daniel Caesar’s crooning vocals. While this track isn’t high energy, it’s the best mood music for a romantic evening with your date. Lower the lights, get cozy, and definitely put on this track. – WY


“Honeymoon (Forever)” by Hellogoodbye

Hellogoodbye takes us on a romantic getaway with “Honeymoon (Forever),” making you feel as if you’ve stepped right into the dreamy world of La La Land. Forrest Kline’s sensuous vocals layered over the brass and strings set the mood perfectly for your next candle-lit dinner — rose petals on the floor and all. – KR


“Special Affair” by The Internet

The bass in this song is enough to ruin your drawers. Layer on lead singer Syd’s seductive melody and you’ve got the embodiment of “sex vibrations.” For your next sexy-time session, groove along with your lover or fly solo, letting Patrick Paige II’s bass take you away on a truly special affair. – KC


“Pet Cemetery” by The Paranoyds

The lyrics to Pet Cemetery might seem a bit spooky for lovemaking, but the fuzzy guitars and synth create a mood that’s eerily sultry and seductive. We’re all a little goth sometimes, right? Just make sure your partner is OK with having your black lipstick smeared all over their face. – AR


“Body” by Syd

Syd celebrates the female body with this evocative panty-dropper. The seductive lyricisms, conveyed with her captivatingly sultry voice, are irresistible as the narrator of this sex jam praises her lover. Syd’s voice sways listeners and lovers to take the time to luxuriate in each other’s bodies. – KC


(Dis)Honourable Mention:

“Piece of Me” by Britney Spears

To the guy who had this on his Fore-Playlist while we hooked up — really? We’re going to bump uglies to this? Really? I’m not sure if you made this mix in middle school but this jam is not going to get me hot, more mildly confused. Definitely swiping left on this song — to the guy though, you’re still cute, so call me back. – WY