Which Movie Villain Are You Based On Your Study Habits?

Photo curtesy of Prepscolar

Written by: Jennifer Low, peak Associate

Studying truly brings out the darkness in all of us. All those intense nights of isolation, despair and desperation — you know who else goes through all this? Classic Villains. Who are we kidding? We all go through enough stress, anger and mental breakdowns to turn us all to the dark side. There’s no doubt that desperate times can drive someone to villainy.

Darth Vader

If you’re a Darth Vader studier, you spend exam season isolating yourself from the outside world. Storming down the hallway, cloaked in a fuzzy (and highly intimidating) blanket you bought in first year; every appearance outside of your bedroom is fraught with drama and angst. You might as well have the imperial march playing whenever you enter the room.


If you study like Thanos, you’ve got one solid goal that no one can sway you from. You may be efficient, but you lack the motivation to actually get up off your chair and get started. Your ideas are crazy…but it just might be crazy enough to get you an “A.”

You don’t care how many nights of Red Bull-fueled work you’ll have to do or how many friends and loved ones you have to sacrifice to get to that perfect GPA. (Neglecting to go to your Grandma’s 98th birthday in order to work on a presentation is no biggie, right?)

You always put in 110% and your “Fine. I’ll do it myself.” attitude ensures that even in those dreaded group projects you’ll do well. You’ll do anything for that grade.


If you study like the Dark Lord, you can always be counted on to rise from the dead at the end of every school year. No matter how low your GPA is, you always come back with an academic vengeance.

Unfortunately, you believe that everyone is out to get you — particularly that bespectacled golden-boy in class who always seems to do well no matter how much they slack off. You swear the rest of the class is in some secret study group to practice beating you in every test, ensuring the curve will never be in your favor. Everyone knows you’re in the class but just like He Who Must Not Be Named, you don’t show up until the last second . . . to write the final exam.


If you’re a fourth year student and can’t stand the idea of some upstart little first year beating you on the midterm, you study like this Disney villain. If you study like Scar, you know the grade you deserve and you won’t take anything less.

Spending hours in your dark cavernous bedroom, plotting away, you are going to make the bell curve work your favour… even if it means screwing over some peers. Your work mantra? “Be Prepared.”


Are people always asking, how do you manage to study, stay on top of your assignments and still have fun at the same time? Maybe they even call you a little insane?

If you study like the Joker, your genius-level intellect is only rivaled by your crazy sense of humor. While all the other students are dwelling in melancholy in their rooms every night finishing assignments, you don’t worry, you know you’ll get it all done…

Even if you don’t finish on time, you’re way more creative than those other unimaginative “my dog ate my homework” and “My printer broke” liars. Your excuses involve a bit more pizzazz. Sure, blackmailing a prof or swapping identities with a first year is illegal, but it’s way more likely to get you out of that Calculus final than their excuses.