Director’s Spotlight: Ruben Fleischer

Fleischer entertains with his vibrant films that feature fast-paced stories


By: Jonathan Pabico


Ruben Fleischer is best known for his 2009 horror-comedy, Zombieland. He delivers hilarious satire about the zombie genre by enveloping his characters in chilling environments, only to leave us amused by how these characters dispatch zombies in humorous ways. Fleischer’s direction also amplifies the edgy bravado of the film’s crude jokes, sarcastic wit, and unapologetic banter. Moreover, Fleischer helps shape the story into a laid-back road-trip narrative. He humanizes his characters through the portrayal of the bonds they share in their journey across their post-apocalyptic world.

      Aside from comedy, Fleischer explores the action thriller genre through his 2013 film, Gangster Squad. Like in Zombieland, he elevates the story with a superb ensemble that provides satisfying performances. Fleischer also instills Gangster Squad with riveting action sequences whose brutality and fast-paced thrills reflect the movie’s bleak and violent world. Although the story is similar to Untouchables, Fleischer balances immense set designs with fluid wide shots and panning camera angles to brilliantly show the extravagant lifestyles of the film’s Jazz culture.

       The director often demonstrates his skill through his comedies that offer rollicking adventures which evoke light-hearted tones. He instills relatable relationships between his characters, whose perfect chemistry create memorable stories. Fleischer also maintains exciting atmospheres for his films, regardless of the tensions or thrills that unfold across their narratives.

      Overall, Ruben Fleischer offers a fair variety of films that entertain us with their impressive storytelling. Fleischer’s newest film, Venom, premiered on October 5.