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By: Trevor Steele, SFU Student


Ethiopia accepts peace deal to end twenty year dispute with Eritrea

Ethiopia’s recently elected government has announced that it will accept a 2002 ruling over disputed territories on its border with Eritrea, a decision which puts the territories under the control of Eritrea. The agreement ends a dispute dating back to a 1998 border war between the two nations, which resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Eritrea declared its independence from Ethiopia in 1993, and its government has since used the hostility to justify an indefinite period of mandatory military service, which has led to mass migration out of the country.

With files from BBC News.


Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, dead at 61

Chef, writer, and travel host Anthony Bourdain was found dead at age 61 from an apparent suicide in his hotel room in France on June 8. He rose to fame in 2000 with his memoir Kitchen Confidential, which exposed the hidden side of professional kitchens. This led to a series of hit television shows centred around food, travel, and culture. Bourdain had struggled with alcohol and drug addictions for much of his life.

With files from The New York Times.


Trump’s trade war

The United States recently moved to implement steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union, prompting news of retaliatory tariffs on US goods. As a number of the world leaders concerned met at this week’s Group of Seven meetings in Quebec, they appeared to be moving towards a compromise by publishing a joint document affirming their commitment to international trade rules. Yet, minutes later, the US president retracted his endorsement of the document and threatened to escalate already frayed relations by imposing tariffs on foreign automobiles.

With files from The Economist.


The World Cup kicks off in Russia this week

While the soccer tournament is surrounded with some controversy over issues of racism and violence from Russian fans, it begins on June 14 in Russia with a match between the hosts and Saudi Arabia. This World Cup will see some notable absences from usual participants such as Italy and the Netherlands, along with new additions to the Fifa rules such as the allowance of video review. 32 nations, including favourites Germany, France, Spain, and Brazil, will work towards making it to the July 15 final in Moscow.

With files from BBC News and The Guardian.