AHFOMAD is a festival with something for everyone to enjoy

2017’s African Heritage Festival of Music and Dance features a diverse array of attractions.


The African Heritage Festival of Music and Dance, also known as AHFOMAD, is a festival featuring traditional, as well as contemporary, arts, music, and dance from cultures across the continent. Their vision is to create a sustainable platform for African-Canadian artists to exhibit their creations and grow in a progressive and productive multicultural environment. AHFOMAD presents their Spring Outreach Concert and Dance on Sunday, May 21 at the Metro Hall, 759 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster.

“The festival is not one-note by any means, and features all manners of art.”

The evening will include food for all palates, music, and dance. It will also feature one of Africa’s most successful musicians Alpha Yaya Diallo and his band Bafing. In addition, Afrobeats’ DJs — DJ Rossco and DJ Mario — will provide all-night dancing. Furthermore, Afro.ditie, an emerging local company that produces streetwear, will be showcasing their designs through an interactive fashion show.

The theme of Afro.ditie’s fashion show is “IAMAFRICAN” and their aim is to “give the opportunity to express the uniqueness of the individuals and not just the stereotypes.” After meeting with Afro.ditie to discuss their presence at the event, they shared with us their vision: “we plan on using our apparel as a platform to create space for creative expression for people of African descent.” Their fashion show will not only consist of models wearing Afro.ditie clothing, but will also include poetry, spoken word, songs, and interpretive dance. The festival is not one-note by any means, and features all manners of art.

Regardless of whether you’re attending AHFOMAD’s Spring Outreach Concert and Dance for great food, music, dance, or fashion, you’re bound to have a phenomenal time. This event aims to add the missing link and a touch of vibrancy to the arts presentation scene in British Columbia, as well as provide a space for artists of African heritage to celebrate their cultural identities.


There will be further celebrations taking place from August 25th-27th, for more information you can visit their website.