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The University of Alberta students who created the "Hangry" app were featured on Dragon's Den (pictured). - Photo courtesy of iPhoneinCanada

U of Alberta students use app to stop “hangriness”

[EDMONTON] — Students at the University of Alberta are now a lot more happy and a lot less hungry. Two weeks into launch, the Hangry app allows students to order meals ahead of time, avoiding long lunch-time lineups.

This may not be the first time you’ve heard of the app, as it was pitched on Dragon’s Den by its founders and received $120,000 to start up. Hangry doesn’t only let you pre-order food, it also offers loyalty points and allows users to rate food and their experience.

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U of Regina press celebrates short but controversial legacy

[REGINA] — Just over two years old, the University of Regina Press has already published three national bestsellers. The Press focuses on Canadian history and culture, and never hesitates to focus on the truth of important issues that have surrounded Canadians, specifically First Nations.

This year, readers can expect new publications focusing on typically taboo topics, like sex and mental illness. They hope to normalize these topics by inputting them into mainstream media.

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Dalhousie musicians support North Korean refugees

[HALIFAX] — North Korean refugees are being supported by music produced from students at Dalhousie University. Not all musicians themselves, many learned guitar in order to contribute. Focusing on lyrics that promote solidarity, one of the songs is even an original.

The movement was created by an International Development Studies student who was inspired by a Development & Activism course. The students involved marched and sang to bring awareness to North Korea’s liberation movements. The group also raised money for funds to support the cause.

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