The new Raincity Juicery is a gem

Photo courtesy of Yelin Gemma Lee.

Raincity Juicery is the place to visit this summer. As a resident of New Westminster I celebrate chic local finds like the Hide Out Cafe, Brick and Mortar, and Old Crow Coffee, but the community has long been anticipating the opening of Raincity Juicery — a delicious cold-pressed juice bar.

Seizing the opportunity to check out a new local business, I was able to try some of their products and hang out with Tylan Fraser, one of the three business owners, as well as the lovely recipe creator, Jill. 

Tucked away on Front Street, large wooden double doors lead into a space that is both sophisticated and irresistibly inviting. Along with a wide variety of cold-pressed juices, they also have smoothies and yummy bites like guacamole and zucchini noodles. The ambiance of the place is devotedly comfortable and makes you feel free to drop in and pick up a quick to-go juice or stay a while reading a good book.

“It all started with wanting a juice or smoothie in the morning,” Tylan Fraser said, emphasizing the inclusivity of the business towards all lifestyles — raw, vegan, otherwise. “The menu is constantly developing.”

Like many others, I had heard about Raincity Juicery many months back through pre-grand opening Instagram posts. I was surprised and impressed, however, to find that social media and word of mouth have been the main marketing method, with only booths at social gatherings to support the effort.

The most difficult part of opening a local business, Fraser explained, was “not knowing what to expect. Every day is a new thing, and it takes work just to get it open, but it really takes work to keep it open.” Fraser also expressed gratitude towards his welcoming and supportive customers and neighbouring local businesses.

As a business that recently opened and is still figuring out their systems, everything on the menu is fresh, unique, and effectively prepared. I tried all of the juices through two flights (healthy flights — not beer flights, folks — that’s what’s up), and I thoroughly enjoyed most of them. The 6UP and Pinks were tangy and sweet like an imitation of sour candy; Remedy and Tropical Express are both fruity drinks with a unique but strangely delectable kick, one from cayenne and the other from jalapeno. Sounds weird, but don’t hate it until you try it.

The only one that was too intense for me was All Greens — a green juice that was a little too savoury for me. If you like Caesars or are used to green juices, it’s definitely worth a try. My favourites would have to be the New Beets, New West Sunset, and OJ: smooth, sweet, and an agreeable companion to have in surviving the hot summer sun.

Along with the juices, I tried the Zucchini “pasta”: spiralizer zucchini with fresh tomato and cashew cheese sauce. It was undeniably satisfying for a summer palette that craves more cold than hot — you don’t miss the wheat, or remember that you’re essentially just eating a salad. The dish is filling, rich, and raw vegan.

Raincity Juicery is well worth the visit. The people, the products, the decor, and the ambiance all go above and beyond and are refreshingly down-to-earth. Don’t miss out on this hidden local gem.