Are you travelling somewhere with your friends? Why take your own car when you carpool? Apart from the many jovial songs you and your buddies can sing together along the way, carpooling provides for some other heartwarming benefits.

Firstly, you’ll make friends with your wallet: carpooling is cheap. Because you’ve crammed yourself into a tiny car with all your pals, you and your beloved money can be together for longer. Secondly, you’ll make friends with the environment. In using only one vehicle, you’ll be reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A carpool will probably allow you to make more new human friends, as well.

Let’s face it: carpooling is a way for you to make friends with practically everything; a mode of transportation that lets everyone be warm and fuzzy, rich, and environmentally friendly. Carpooling is the key to saving the planet!


A few years ago an acquaintance of mine, after a glorious night of heavy intoxication, drove his poor ‘98 Toyota Corolla into his swimming pool. Needless to say, the aftermath wasn’t a pleasant experience.

After escaping from the vehicle unharmed, he was then charged with driving under the influence, and his vehicle, after having flooded, didn’t ever work properly again. Unfortunately, it was an incident many of us will never forget.

Lesson learned: when driving, watch out for swimming pools, folks! They’re a good way for you to divorce your wallet, lose friends, damage a perfectly good vehicle and destroy a nice swimming pool. It would be wise to not risk your life, or anyone’s else, by car-pooling.