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UBC Theatre and Film sells old costumes for Halloween

Students looking for unique disguises to wear this October 31 were invited to Freddy Wood Theatre last Wednesday for priced-to-clear costumes, courtesy of UBC’s Film and Theatre program.

From vintage bling to corseted Shakespearian dresses, all items were under $10; the sale helped to reduce the department’s inventory as well as raise funds for upgrades to their costume shop.

Some of the more outlandish costumes — such as a ghost getup from their production of Ubu Roi that is supposed to evoke the sense of a “loutish royal glutton on the prowl” — were up for a separate silent auction during the sale.

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Student residences hotbed for unsolicited form of trick or treating known as ‘break-and-enters’

Fanshawe College students are in danger of losing more than just miniature versions of candies this Halloween. According to London Police, there has been a 60.8 per cent increase in residential break-and-enters in the neighbourhood containing the school’s student residences in the past year.

The main items that have been targeted by thieves have not been little Snickers or Starburst, but electronics such as mobile phones and laptops.

Police have recommended that students keep their doors locked and windows closed, as those are the main points of entry for thieves, as well as humans in general.

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Being a video game ‘zombie’ could be healthy

A new study conducted at Ryerson University suggests that playing video games before meals contributes to lower calorie intake for teenage boys.

According to nutrition professor Nick Bellissimo, when the subjects, who ranged from nine to 14 years old, played Angry Birds, they consumed, on average, 50 fewer calories than when they didn’t have any screen time.

The study concluded that after 30 minutes of gaming, the kids both ate less and were in a happier mood, which further contributed to their desire to eat less.

With files from Ryerson University