Battle for the Border

For $20, students can catch a ride to Bothell, WA to watch the Clan face the Central Washington Wildcats this Saturday, September 27.

The buses will leave from both the Burnaby and the Surrey campuses at 2:30 p.m. in order to get to the 6:00 p.m. game located in Bothell, just north of Seattle. The Facebook event posted by the SFSS estimates the drive to take two hours and 17 minutes.

The ‘Battle for the Border’ will see SFU face their closest GNAC rival — and their only opponent in Washington, in fact. SFSS at-large representative Jeremy Pearce explains the two teams are developing a rivalry, especially in the absence of the Shrum Bowl, and that they already compete for recruitment. “A lot of the time we’ll have the same recruits that we’re trying to get [as CWU],” he explained.

Pearce hopes that taking students to the game in Washington, which is a first, will help foster this rivalry.

Pearce, an SFU football veteran, also hopes to expose SFU students to NCAA football culture in a place where the whole community, not just the university, rallies around the team.

“It’s providing this unique opportunity. It’s an amazing atmosphere down there [in Bothell]. I’ve played on the football team for four years myself; it’s amazing down there,” he said.

“They have anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 people at the game. I want students to experience that atmosphere and then eventually I’d love that atmosphere to carry over up here [at SFU].”

Students can buy tickets at the SFSS general office. The $20 will cover transportation and the cost of the ticket. Students will be returned to their respective campuses at around midnight.

Note: Students will be required to bring their passports or necessary visas in order to cross the border.