Fall Kickoff concert is a go

KICKOFF_BANNER_DRAFT.inddThe Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) has officially announced that they will be hosting a Fall Kickoff concert, set to take place on September 19 from 4:00 p.m. to midnight.

The event differs from previous SFSS concerts in that it will feature two live bands as well as two electronic dance music (EDM) acts.

Zied Masmoudi, VP student services and project lead for the concert, anticipates that offering different genres of music during the same event will be challenging. “Having bands, then DJs, they have different rearrangements, different needs, so in terms of production, in terms of technical details, it requires a lot of work,” he said.

There will also be a fifth act, but the identity of the performer(s) will remain a mystery until the night of the concert itself.

In the past, the SFSS has sponsored an online DJ competition, with the winner performing at the concert itself. This year, however, they will be hosting a separate live DJ contest at the Highland Pub on September 12, during which seven or eight DJs will compete for three concert spots. The three finalists will each play a 10 minute set at the concert; the most popular DJ will play the after party at the Highland.

The SFSS will begin selling presale tickets for the concert in the near future, despite not knowing the headliners. As such, these tickets will be sold at a discounted price. Masmoudi expects to be able to announce the headliners in mid-July.



  1. Why is Student Services running a concert event? That board member isn’t even on the events committee. Shouldn’t Student Life or maybe the Events Committee run this?

    Also, hopefully some variety will work its way into the DJ lineup too, house is so boring.

  2. Headline should read:
    Another EDM Concert, with Unknown Headliners to Hit SFU this Fall: Expect swarms of 16 year olds and underground house/trance fans to pack convo mall in September.

    Its good that the SFSS is establishing a tradition of an annual Kickoff Concert but its kind of crazy that yet again its going to be primarily an EDM concert. Waiting to see which live bands are going to be performing and if any performer is going to be known to anyone except the select few planning the concert.

    We vote yet nothing seems to be changing. Event planners should take a page out of almost any other large Canadian university when planning future welcome back events.